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Aiming to enhance Customer Satisfaction

Our Concept of Customer Satisfaction

Fuji Xerox regards customer satisfaction (CS) as the starting point of all its corporate activities. Understanding what customers want and what they expect is crucial to being able to satisfy their requirements. Fuji Xerox places importance on interactive communication with customers at all points of contact. Fuji Xerox and its affiliates aim to build long-term customer relationships based on trust and achieve mutual growth by continuously meeting their needs and expectations. In 2001, Fuji Xerox formulated the CS Guidelines that set out standards of conduct to be adhered by all employees in order to increase customer satisfaction. The CS Guidelines require employees in Japan and abroad, including client-facing employees, such as those in the sales and maintenance service teams or those receiving calls at customer support centers, as well as back office employees, including those in R&D or at the headquarters, to constantly strive, with a strong sense of ownership, to solve the issues customers face and to create new value through cross-organizational and cross-functional cooperation.

CS Guidelines for Fuji Xerox and its affiliates

  1. Listening to the "Customer's Voice" is the beginning of our job.
  2. Thinking of the "Customer's Viewpoint" is the basis of our job.
  3. Meeting the "Customer's Expectation" is the responsibility of our job.
  4. Earning the "Customer's Deep Trust" is the joy of our job.
  5. Receiving the "Customer's Evaluation" is the measurement of our job.

Systems Leading to Greater Customer Satisfaction

We are promoting activities to enhance customer satisfaction in a three-tiered structure from sales companies to management, both in and outside of Japan.

Mechanisms for Communicating with Customers

We are utilizing five frameworks to promote communication with our customers.

Integrated Customer Support Center (Main Contact Point for Inquiries)

The functions of answering customer requests to providing technical support are all concentrated at this center.

VOC (Voice of Customer)

We have a system for comprehensively collecting feedback from our customers and utilizing this information.

CS Programs

We are conducting surveys to acquire a correct understanding of the level of customer satisfaction, and are taking measures to improve our business process accordingly.