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Business Domains

Since its foundation in 1962, Fuji Xerox has evolved in its cultivated business of reproducing paper information. Today, Fuji Xerox strives to offer solutions and services that help resolve customers' business challenges as a company that supports with communications to effectively and efficiently create values.

Solutions & Services

To help resolve customers' management issues and achieve their business growth, Fuji Xerox visualizes their tasks associated with documents and communications, and offers solutions & services from the perspective of overall optimization.

For example, in the financial, transportation, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries that are subject to strict legal regulations and involve frequent updates of codes and manuals, Fuji Xerox assists those customers in streamlining document creation, version management and revision history management to make a contribution to improving their productivity. We also offer consultation services to achieve the optimum layout of print devices to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as well as to enhance customers' corporate structure by effectively organizing information.

Further, we provide a document-sharing environment based on cloud computing technology to help customers adopt a new work style, which enables them to utilize data anywhere and any time without any constraints in terms of IT environment and location.

Through providing solutions & services, Fuji Xerox helps customers gain new customers, streamline work processes and address the need to conserve energy/resources, thereby contributing to resolving their management issues including expanding sales, cutting costs and strengthening corporate governance.

Production Services

Fuji Xerox's Production Services provides on-demand printing systems and workflow solutions for the digital printing industry, as well as continuous feed and cut sheet printing systems for host computer printing.

Fuji Xerox has been also exploring new opportunities in the digital printing market by meeting the needs for short-run printing of a wide variety of contents, and by supporting one-to-one marketing that leverages information customized for each customer's demand. 

"direct2one" is a one-stop marketing communication service covering overall one-to-one marketing processes as follows:

The service contributes to reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in marketing and enhancing efficiency in sales promotion.

Customer Value Innovation Center

The Digital Creation Room at Workflow Zone; Customers can experience the entire workflow from planning, creation and printing to delivery.

Fuji Xerox continues to support our customers in creation of their new businesses across all of our business domains at our Customer Value Innovation Center, where we "see", "feel", and "experience" state-of-art business models together with the customers.

Fuji Xerox Global Services

Based on our accumulated expertise and know-how in documents, Fuji Xerox's Global Services offers comprehensive document-related outsourcing services--from creation, management, through to utilization--with a clear focus on business process optimization, contributing to solving customers' business challenges and to their growth.

In close collaboration with U.S. based Xerox Corporation, we provide consistent services through standardized operations globally.

Enterprise Print Services is a comprehensive outsourcing service that manages all print-related costs and processes beyond managing the office print environment, including the in-house print center, mail room, print procurement and remote/mobile printing.

After gathering data of customers' print environment, we analyze and assess direct and indirect print-related costs, printing processes and users' needs, to visualize current issues using Lean Six Sigma mythologies. With the results, we propose solutions that realize an optimal print environment, formulate new print governance rules, and help enterprise-wide implementation, together with a training program for users.

Additionally, we offer business process outsourcing services to improve information accessibly by converting paper documents into digital information, as well as adding attribute to and managing daily business documents ultimately to support quick decision-making and business transactions. With entire document lifecycle outsourcing services, Fuji Xerox handles all document-related activities from creating, proofing, printing, delivering to disposal adding extra value to our customers' business communications.