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Product History


  • Launches the industry-first plain paper copier, Fuji Xerox 914.
  • Launches office facsimile machine, the Xerox Telecopier II, developed by Xerox Corporation.

  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 2200, the first internally developed copy machine. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 6500 full-color copy machine. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 210 Telecopier, a high-resolution facsimile machine. (photo on the right)

  • Begins export of the Fuji Xerox 2202 to Rank Xerox.
  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 3500, a compact, high-speed, and high-performance copy machine. (photo on the right)
  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 2080, an A1 copy machine.

  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 4800, a high-speed copy machine with automatic duplex function. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 8000INS, an advanced information processing system utilizing the Ethernet.
  • Launches the TALK series for PCs and the JWP series for Japanese-language word processors. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 1100SIP super PC for artificial intelligence (AI) development. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the first AI workstation in Japan, the Fuji Xerox 1121.
  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 6800 full-color PPC. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 6060 workstation. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the Fuji Xerox Xero Printer 100, the world's first machine incorporating print and copy functions. (photo on the right)
  • Launches the Fuji Xerox 1161, with Japanese Smalltalk-80.
  • Launches the space-saving front-feed 5030 copy machine.

  • Launches the Sharaku hand-held copy machine.
  • Launches the 5080, large-size multifunction machine.
  • Launches the digital full-color EC-10 copy machine.
  • Launches the multifunctional 8083-J Star workstation.
  • Launches the high-speed, multifunction 5075/5055 copy machine. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the world's fastest 5090 copy machine. (photo on the right)
  • Launches the Able 3010, a fax/copy machine.
  • Launches the EDMICS.

  • Launches the Able 3015, a fax/copy/print machine. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the Vivace 800/810 high-speed copy machine incorporating finishing functions. (photo on the right)
  • Launches the new Able series incorporating one pass-two color technology.
  • Launches the Acolor 635 / 630 full-color digital copy machine.

  • Launches the full-color print system, the Acolor ICS Series.
  • Launches the DochTech Production Publisher M135 for on-demand printing and publishing. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the BrainTech 8180 alpha, the first digital copy machine with simultaneous red and black printing for engineering drawings. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the Acolor 935 / 930 full-color copy machines for high quality color prints. (photo on the right)
  • Launches the DocuTech Network Publishing System.
  • Launches the DocuColor 4040, the world fastest full-color copy machine. (photo on the right)

  • Launches the DocuStation IM200 that uses barcode Glyph Codes to merge paper with digital documents. (photo on the right)
  • Introduces the EDMICS 2000 integrated engineering management system.
  • Launches DocuWorks [external site], document handling software, bundled with a multifunction device. (In 1998, it was launched as an independent product.)

  • Launches eight new models of the Able Series incorporating network functions. (photo on the right)

  • Introduces the Color Laser Wind 3310, the first A3-capable desktop full-color laser printer in the industry. (photo on the right)
  • Launches Fuji Xerox's first inkjet printer, the Jet Wind 300C.
  • Launches the new network-capable multifunction digital DocuCentre series.
  • Launches the XC 1280, Fuji Xerox's first compact copy machine for personal use.

  • Launches the Color DocuTech 60 [external site], the world's fastest full-color digital publishing system. (photo on the right)
  • Launches 101ppm high-speed copy machine, the DocuCentre 1010.
  • Launches 22ppm high-speed color laser printer, the DocuPrint C2220.

  • Launches DocuPrint C3530 [external site], incorporating a 35ppm micro-tandem printer engine.
  • Begins new broadband services offering, "beat" for small- to mid-size enterprises.
  • Launches ArcSuite [external site] web-based integrated information management system for large volumes of documents.
  • Becomes first in the industry to begin Net Print [external site] service for secure retrieval of documents from copy machines in convenient stores.
  • Launches DocuPrint 1100 CF [external site], a high-end continuous sheet printer for core corporate operations.
  • Launches the DocuColor 1256 GA [external site], a digital color multifunction product that achieves the world's first high resolution of true 2,400 dpi by incorporating Fuji Xerox unique VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) with 32 beams.
  • Launches DocuCentre Color f450 / f360 / f250 that have high productivity print speeds and incorporate network-compatible functions.


  • Launches the ApeosPort-II series, a color multifunction device that facilitates service cooperation between companies via the Internet
  • Launches eco-friendly document processing device "Trust-Eco 1500" (photo on the right)
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