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Social Contribution Relating With Our Core Business

Social Contribution Activities Related to Our Business Domain

In our social contribution activities, Fuji Xerox supports fields closely related to our business domain to broadly apply to the society the abundance of technology and experience that we have acquired through our business.

In more specific terms, Fuji Xerox allows free use of our full-color multifunctional devices installed in our offices all over the country to volunteer groups that support the production of large-font textbooks for children with reduced vision. In addition, Fuji Xerox collects and exhibits wood-block prints, which has a deep relationship with business core “copy/document”. We also provide our xerography technology as a method for artistic expression and support the creative activities of young artists.

  • Large-Font Textbooks
  • Wood-Block Print Collection
  • Art By Xerox
  • e-Nakama

Want to know more? Please Visit:

Sustainability Report 2008 Hand in Hand With Society

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