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Our CSR Management Structure

Toward Achieving a Sustainable Society and Environment

Fuji Xerox is working extensively toward the goal of contributing to the sustainability of stakeholders and, beyond that, to the sustainability of society and the earth itself by promoting mutual understanding in society through the evolution of communication.
We feel that it is important, to this end, to be continually enhancing the values we provide to society as well as incorporating our stakeholders' demands and expectations into our management practices in response to changes in society. Our aim is to continually contribute to the development of society based on the principle that ‘CSR is synonymous with corporate management’ to reform our own business through CSR activities, while also providing a fresh appeal for our stakeholders and continuously increasing our competitiveness.

Management System That Promotes CSR

Fuji Xerox established a CSR Committee as one of the Corporate Executive Meetings in April 2010. The aim is to conduct management that integrates sustainability into our business operations. The CSR Committee goes beyond financial or business operation perspectives, to more actively debate ideal CSR management at the managerial level. We believe that this enables Fuji Xerox to enhance competitiveness over the medium to long-term, and facilitate mutual development of both Fuji Xerox and society.

CSR Management Framework

Fuji Xerox is in the process of emphasizing not only monitoring and communications but also building mechanisms to embed evaluations and feedback concerning our CSR activities into our management processes so that CSR will take root within the company.

1. Communication

Fuji Xerox i s promoting dialogue with our stakeholders by exchanging information about our CSR activities through such means as our Sustainability Report and our website. Of these, we regard our Sustainability Report as one of the tools we use for communicating with our employees. This is because our officers and employees actively explain Fuji Xerox's thinking and actions to our customers and others, and we will further increase awareness of the issues and ideas that are locally-grounded by expanding our points of contact with society, and this will enable us to deliver value to our stakeholders.

2. Monitoring

Fuji Xerox believes it is vital to take a quantitative and accurate snapshot as to what extent our business activities meet the expectations of stakeholders, and use the results to improve our business activities. To that end, we conduct an annual survey at our facilities and affiliates in Japan and overseas. The surveys include a customer satisfaction survey, employee moral survey and the Fuji Xerox internal CSR survey.

Priority CSR Themes

We are moving forward in fiscal 2011 with the themes described on the right with the aim of focusing on activities from the shareholder perspective.

Customers Provide values in line with our customers expectations, which foster our customers' prosperity
Employees Build an environment where all employees can fulfill their maximum potential
Environment/Future generations Strengthen efforts toward environmental management that is integrated across the entire company
Suppliers Strengthen our suppliers' engagement
Local communities Contribute to positive social change through our business activities and societal participation by our employees

Basic CSR Policies

We, at Fuji Xerox, believe that our corporate social responsibility is the pursuit of corporate quality that we should maintain in order to accomplish “Mission Statement.” In July 2007, we consolidated the concept behind CSR and drafted our basic CSR policy enabling Fuji Xerox and its affiliates to work together in enhancing CSR-related activities.

Basic CSR Policy
  1. Thoroughness in Achieving Basic Corporate Quality
  2. Activities Conducted With the Highest Priority on Customers
  3. Expansion of Application Scope

Thoroughness in Achieving Basic Corporate Quality

Corporate quality at Fuji Xerox consists of basic corporate quality and attractive corporate quality. Basic corporate quality denotes the temperament and ability to satisfy the fundamental qualities of a company in addressing the requirements from the society such as legal compliance and profit generation. Attractive corporate quality, on the other hand, is the temperament and ability that enables the company to offer excellent values. Even if the attractive corporate quality is at a high level, the company cannot be considered as satisfying its social responsibilities unless it meets the fundamental requirements including compliance. Towards that end, we intend to first ensure basic corporate quality and then pursue attractive corporate quality for creating values unique to Fuji Xerox.

Improving corporate quality to deliver added value to stakeholders

Activities Conducted With the Highest Priority on Customers

For Fuji Xerox, which depends on after-sales service for most of its revenue and profit, the business foundation essentially rests on a lasting relationship with our customers. Moreover, by assisting the customers to improve their corporate quality (namely their CSR activities), Fuji Xerox believes that we can create values not only for the customers but also for their stakeholders. We, at Fuji Xerox, strive to act with utmost priority on our customers, through provision of products and services including environment-conscious products that offer solutions to social issues, while paying close attention to all our stakeholders.

Values we offer to our customers eventually lead to values for stakeholders.

Expansion of Application Scope

The basic concept of corporate quality begins from the awareness that a company is a social public institution. At Fuji Xerox, the scope of CSR is not just limited to the company and its affiliates but is extended to include our business partners, customers and all the way to the society with the aim of expanding the contributions to society.

Expand the scope of coverage of CSR

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