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New Generation Product Design that incorporates 3D Box Design

The "3D Box" in dark blue on a white body that matches office environments shows a bold presence. An appearance that looks like an easy-to-find "icon" placed in a real office setting makes office activities smoother, and is intended to help achieve higher work efficiency and build a smooth communications environment.

  • Wherever you sit in any office you go to, "3D Box" design aims to appeal to the subconscious of people at a glance, and lets you know immediately where to get required documents, information, and services.

  • Standing in front of a multifunction device, you notice that "3D Box" design highlights the printed paper. Even the position and angle of the operational area are intended to seamlessly guide users to the next task.

  • The control panel based on the concept of "IT Friendly" is designed to reduce anxiety and wasted time in performing operations to the utmost by using three-dimensional graphic symbols and intuitive key arrangements.

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