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User Interface Design of Electronic Paper, DocuWorks

Aiming to be "electronic paper" software in the future, DocuWorks must surpass the usability and values of "paper on the desk." With this high goal in sight, the uniquely evolving DocuWorks design is created by exploring the potential needs of users and analyzing them in detail. Thus, convenient "electronic paper" is expected to promote more efficient deskwork, help activate the utilization of undiscovered information, and create more knowledge.

  • One characteristic of DocuWorks is that users can effortlessly file documents by theme even on displays, regardless of form or size.
    DocuWorks realizes many innovative ideas; for example, graphic design allows users to distinguish at a glance which documents are stacked documents and large format drawings. The distinctive use of color is also one such innovative idea.

  • The UI is designed by imagining users writing with a pen on the desk. The icon arrangements and designs, and the functions of handwriting and stamping improve intuitive operability.

  • Sharing easy-to-understand documents is expected to raise the level of information understanding, as well as being useful for active communication and the creation of knowledge. Using DocuWorks should accelerate other work by clearing up messy paperwork on the desk.

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