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An Easy to Open Package Design

Fuji Xerox has developed a new package for paper that is the first in the industry to feature a new style of opening reflecting the following feedback from customers: “It would be nice to be able to open the package with one hand and smoothly take out the paper packs.” The opening and perforations of the package were designed to enable customers to open it easily without using much force. At the same time, the new design successfully maintains the strength of the package.

The new package is safe. It can be opened without the use of scissors or a knife.

The new package is easy for anyone to open. The opening can be found at a glance, and by placing one's fingers in it, the package can be opened without much force.

The new package can be easily stored and handled. It is easy to dispose because no adhesive tape or staples are used, and it is easy to fold. In this way, we are striving to minimize stress for customers while also being mindful of the environmental impact of our products during their lifecycle.