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Evolving Design that Complements Any Office Environment

Global Generation Design

Fuji Xerox believes that the product family it designs should always be the "Face of Office" and meet demands of the times. We have led the industry in such innovative product designs as a drawer-type paper feed tray, rounded enclosure and larger display, which were adopted as the industry's de facto standard designs. Under a system called the "Xerox Design Community," the design divisions of Xerox Corporation, Xerox Europe and Fuji Xerox jointly design products that are both attractive and functional, thereby reflecting the opinions of customers around the world in terms of the colors, shapes and usability of products.

Xerox Design Community

"Design Workshop" attended by designers from the US, the UK and Japan, where design policy is set.

New Generation Design

ApeosPort-IV C5570

Dark blue is used for the control panel and paper output area to highlight user operation areas. The design called "3D Box" not only improves usability and complements any office environment, but also differentiates the product both in the marketplace and in customer office settings. Moreover, the large control panel is easy to see. The layout of control buttons is also changed for better usability.

Product Designs Reflecting Demands of the Times

700 Digital Color Press

2004 -

We introduced the designs of office products that proved to be easy-to-use to products for the on-demand printing market after simplifying them. Meanwhile, the user interface of office products was designed to enable easy use of an on-demand printing feature, which is relatively complicated for general users.

DocuColor 1250

1999 -

We designed the external parts of a product by considering the ease of disassembly in response to establishment of a resource recycling system. We also emphasized the selection of colors to match any office.

Able 3350

DocuColor 4040

1995 -

  1. We designed a product to separate the scanner from the printer so that copies can be ejected from the central part of the machine. This design reduced product size and consequently reduced the space the product would occupy in an office. We also designed it to match office furniture.
  2. We used a large-size color liquid crystal display and introduced GUI to simplify complicated operations.

Fuji Xerox 5030

8080 J Star - II

1984 -

  1. We designed a product based on the concept of "Smaller and More Beautiful." The product was equipped with front-loading paper trays for the first time in the industry.
  2. We carefully designed the back side of a product to look good from every angle and complement any office environment. We also introduced the shape of a mouse to fit comfortably in the user's hand.

Fuji Xerox 3500

Fuji Xerox 2300

1978 -

  1. A compact and simple design enabled the installation of a machine in the corner of a room. We designed the product to provide work space on top.
  2. We designed a product based on the concept of universal design and introduced a tilting paper feed tray allowing users to comfortably replace it. With fewer protruding parts, the product offered a unique appearance.

The product names and years of release above are information for the Japanese market.

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