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Fuji Xerox Design

Approach to "Human-centered Design" from the standpoints of usability, harmony with the environment, and benefit to customers

Vision: Human-centered Design

Joseph C. Wilson, the first president of Xerox Corporation, declared: "Our business goal is to achieve better understanding among men through better communication" shortly after Xerox Corporation in the United States was founded. This concept has been passed on in the form of "the architecture of information" to control and utilize a flood of information. Moreover, the concept is also the basis of "human-centered design" promoted by Fuji Xerox. We have thus been striving for a more comfortable relationship between people and information.
The Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) of Xerox Corporation offered an innovative computer environment by developing a window system and icons, and incorporating the use of a mouse. The efforts to create both a comfortable and intuitive user interface have greatly influenced the design vision of Fuji Xerox.
We design products to create documents as the collection of knowledge in our lives and work from the standpoints of usability, harmony with the environment, and benefit to customers.

Total Design to Maximize Convenience for Customers

"Usability" and "Evolution" are the two most essential elements of Fuji Xerox design. We provide Total Design that integrates both elements.

Evolving Generation Design

Global generation design -
We believe that the product family we design should always be the "Face of Office" and meet demands of the times.

Universal Design

The concept of "one can do it, all can do it" leads to aesthetically impressive achievements.

The History of User Interface Design

The history of Fuji Xerox product design is the history of User Interface (UI) evolution.

An Ethnographic Approach to Implementing Principles of Human-centered Design in Our Product Development

We work on understanding people's characteristics and their essential needs regarding their living/working environment and equipment by empathizing with them to reflect this understanding in our design.

Examples of Fuji Xerox Design

We introduce examples of Fuji Xerox design here.

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