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Image Registration Control Technology (IReCT)

Ultra high precision image correction utilizing Digital Image Registration Control Technology

IReCT (Image Registration Control Technology) is a digital image registration control technology that realizes image correction in ultra high precision of 2,400dpi.
In the xerography process, a color image is reproduced by superimposing cyan, magenta, yellow, and black toners. Thus, any misregistration of individual colors must be controlled to achieve high image quality.
Hitherto, color misregistration of color data has been corrected mechanically. With color tandem engines, however, there is a limit in mechanically correcting misregistration since image writing devices and photoreceptors are equipped for each color.

In IReCT, color misregistraiton information is read by optical sensors and processed at high speed, and the image data of each color is corrected through a digital process with high precision of 2,400 dpi. (Fig.1)
The precision of registration increased remarkably as a result of using IReCT, and we successfully surpassed the limits of mechanical correction to provide ultra-high precision print images with little if any color misregistration.

dpi (dot per inch): Number of image dots in 1 inch
ROS: Raster Output Scanner

Digital correctionFig. 1: Digital correction

Structure of IReCTFig. 2: Configuration of IReCT

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