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The Area of Business Processes and Workflows

Productivity and risk management improvement through the visualization and standardization of business processes

Introduction of Fuji Xerox's own case example

The environment surrounding manufacturing sites has been going through massive changes. It is becoming more and more complex, and there is a growing trend toward producing a wider variety of items in smaller lots, as well as toward globalization. In this environment, many problems arise for which improvement is necessary, including the difficulty of tracking the current state of activity at manufacturing sites, delays occurring in the implementation of improvement measures, and the amount of time required to manage problems that occur.
We at Fuji Xerox aim to improve the quality of our products and prevent the reoccurrence of problems at our manufacturing sites through the real-time "visualization," or making visible, of information on changes occurring in the state of manufacturing activities conducted at our sites, and by making this visualized information viewable even remotely.
A portion of our new system for process visualization, which is currently in use at our manufacturing sites, is shown below.

Demonstration allowing information on changes occurring in the state of activity at manufacturing sites to be viewed in real time

Demonstration showing how departments located in our headquarters monitor various types of production control information at a glance

This case example can be applied to a wide variety of business fields and industries, including those aiming to achieve continual process improvement (of both product/service quality and productivity) and heightened efficiency in order to allow for the appropriate redistribution of management resources, as well as those aiming to improve their productivity and risk-handling capabilities.

Suggested applications for this case example in other business fields and industries:
  • Financial services: visualization of the tasks of entering and checking information in customer applications at banks' business centers
  • Maintenance services: visualization of on-site maintenance jobs that are different for each individual case

Improving the productivity of the flow from product design to product promotion through the optimization of color management

Introduction of Fuji Xerox's own case example

Many problems arise due to color-related communication errors. For example, differences in colors may prevent the intent of a product's designer from being accurately conveyed to those responsible for approving the design. Inconsistencies in how the same colors appear in printed media and on monitors may cause the same design to appear different. Differences between the colors of a product when shown in printed media and those of the actual product may cause apparent variations in brand or product colors, thus leaving consumers with an impression of instability. Finally, failure to carefully manage logo colors across worldwide markets may cause a brand's image to appear inconsistent. (Related page: Technology Incorporated into Our Total Color Management System)

At Fuji Xerox, we aim to prevent the occurrence of these problems stemming from color inconsistencies and to make our communication more efficient by maintaining color consistency via the color management of displays and output devices.

System for the integrated color management of monitors, projectors, and printed media

This case example can be applied to a wide variety of business fields and industries aiming to maintain color consistency throughout the entire digitized product design process and achieve optimal color reproduction both on digital devices and in printed media, thus improving the productivity of the entire flow from product design to product promotion.

Suggested applications for this case example in other business fields and industries:
  • Automotive industry: maintaining a consistent product image from the product concept stage to the sales promotion stage


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