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Development of EA-HG Toner for High Image Quality

Chiaki Suzuki Chemicals Technology Development,
Technology Development Group
Takao Ishiyama same as above
Michio Take same as above
Masahiro Takagi same as above

Emulsion aggregation toner has been developed for digital color copiers and printers.

Recently, in order to meet high requirements, such as better image quality and higher reliability, toner size becomes smaller and smaller.

Therefore, each of toner function should be separately controlled with various factors such as core materials, surface materials and additives.

To meet these demands, EA-HG has been developed by changing the kind of pigment, controlling the rehology and using high-function additive.

Consequently, EA-HG toner exhibits satisfactory image quality and high reliability. Especially, it contributes to increase the productivity of color document production.

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