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Simulation Technology for Paper Curl in Fusing Systems

Fuji Xerox, in one of its development process innovations, is proceeding with the development of analysis technologies (e.g., numerical simulation) to clarify the design basis for reducing reworks. Paper curl is a major issue of xerographic machines. However, the mechanism by which it occurs was not fully understood, and there were needs to clarify that mechanism and develop simulation technologies. Fuji Xerox has developed a technology to measure paper properties under conditions of high temperature and high moisture content, and clarified the paper deformation mechanism. We have also developed a simulation technology to predict the amount of paper curl affected by paper viscoelastoplasticity and changes in paper moisture content. With this technology, the amount of curl, which varies depending on the design parameters of fusing systems, can be accurately predicted. Moreover, design man-hours needed for the development of new fusing systems can also be reduced, as specifications can be studied without having to make prototypes.


  • Masato Ando
    Key Technology Laboratory, Research & Technology Group
  • Takashi Ogino
    Key Technology Laboratory, Research & Technology Group
  • Tomoyuki Ito
    Key Technology Laboratory, Research & Technology Group