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Multilingual Guide Device Rental Service

This little device that fits into the palm of your hand provides multilingual support for your trip.
This is a rental service for specialized smartphones that will help you enjoy your stay and travel in Waterfront City.

Multilingual Guide Device (Image)

Operation Menu


Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean

Service Details

Sightseeing Audio-guide

  • When walking with the device, sightseeing information audio on pre-set locations will play automatically depending on where you are. Text showing the information presented in the guide will also be displayed on the smartphone screen. This information will also be displayed as text on the smartphone screen.
  • The guide can also be used on the sightseeing course in the Fuji Television Headquarters.

ROUTE CATCH Note1(Powered by Jorudan Co.,Ltd.)

Internet Connectivity Note1

You can also connect your own smartphone to the Internet via tethering.
If your total data transfer exceeds 100MB in one day, your connection will be throttled to 256kbps.

Rental/Return Area


Service Spot
(rental/Return Window)
Price (incl. tax) Notes
Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel
1 night, 2 days: 1,080 yen
2 nights, 3 days: 2,160 yen
3 nights, 4 days: 3,240 yen
The device hiring fee may be included in the accommodation plan at your hotel.
Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside
Fuji Television
1 visit: 500 yen Access to ROUTE CATCH and Internet connectivity is not available on devices lent by Fuji Television.

Points of Caution

Please click here for inquiries regarding the Tokyo Waterfront City Multilingual Guide Service


Click here for inquiries regarding the multi-language guide service.