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Insurance Industry Services

Claims Processing Services

Cut claims leakage and processing costs while keeping customers happy.

Improve customer satisfaction with the claims experience and reduce costs at the same time. We can help you streamline claims ingestion and become more responsive to policyholders – while improving your claims ratio.

Poor information sharing internally, and customer communication across various channels, make claims processing inefficient and costly.

Our Insurance Industry Services team can help you integrate processes and technology with your existing systems to consolidate customer communications arriving through multiple channels, sift the information using complex business rules, and identify and distribute the right information to the right people at the right time to respond to claims quickly – while minimising costs.

Claims Processing Services

Claims Processing Services Video(HTML version)

Fuji Xerox will help you to:

Take advantage of our expertise in all aspects of Claims Processing Services:

Leakage and losses decline with Claims Ingestion

For a major global insurer based in Australia, a Fuji Xerox Claims Ingestion service turns an incoming flood of over 9 million pages a year into a focused stream of digitised information that helps cut claims leakage and processing costs and increases responsiveness to customers, which helps to increase customer satisfaction.

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