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Insurance Industry Services

Marketing and Distribution

Treat every customer like a segment of one.

Move beyond mass, generic communication with your customers and treat them as individuals to maximise their value at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Our Insurance Industry Services team supports insurance companies with the technology, processes and expertise you need to implement integrated, one–to–one multi–channel marketing campaigns that include digital media, introduce best practice and improve visibility and control.

Fuji Xerox will help you to:

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How to get a 30 percent campaign response rate


The Fuji Xerox 1:1 Experience marketing offering helped a large insurance company in Singapore reach out to customers with direct marketing personalised by age, gender and past purchase history. Response was via the customer's own individual personalised website.


An overall response rate of 30% which was well above the industry average of 3.5% was achieved and data was captured to help further tailor future communications.

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