CS Programs

At Fuji Xerox we have continued to conduct customer satisfaction surveys since 1975 to enable customers to evaluate the products and business activities we provide. The system comprises two programs: our Benchmarking CS Program, which reviews activities from the previous year, and the Fuji Xerox Users CS Program, in which individual users evaluate our products and activities. Regular and continuous implementation of these two programs allows us to accurately gauge customer satisfaction levels and improve our business processes and systems. It also helps to heighten satisfaction levels and build long-term relationships based on trust.

These survey results represent customers' direct voices on Fuji Xerox activities and values, and provide feedback not only to the sales and maintenance departments that are directly responsible for customers, but also to the development departments, which can then reflect them in the development of new products.

Image of Mechanisms for CS Programs

Customer Survey Implementation in Fiscal 2015

Survey Number of Surveys
Benchmarking CS Program Approximately 17,500
Fuji Xerox User CS Program Approximately 55,000

Future Direction

By speedily improving CS, we will work to establish ourselves as the customer's best partner not only in the multifunction devices domain that forms the basis of our business but also in the solution and services domain.

Specifically, we will adopt a core system for integrated management of feedback from customers received by employees working at customer contact points, of customer comments received through our website, and customer views and requests collected in CS surveys conducted by Fuji Xerox and by external organizations. Information gathered in this system will be reflected in product development, marketing, and sales activities.

Through our training and education as well as our corporate culture reform campaign, we will encourage and support our employees in transforming their interactions with customers, and will contribute to the business growth of customers as their best partners both in Japan and abroad.