Systems Leading to Greater Customer Satisfaction

Fuji Xerox and its affiliates promote CS activities using the following three-layered system to continuously pursue improvements in customer satisfaction.

  1. CS Improvement Committee
    We have established CS Improvement Committees at all of our sales companies in Japan and overseas. The aim is to clarify CS issues in sales and maintenance service activities based on customer voices, then improve the related processes and our manners. We are escalating issues that are difficult to solve by only our organization up to the higher level committees.
  2. CS Improvement at Customer Contact Points Committee and the Quality Review Committee
    The CS Improvement at Customer Contact Points Committee, chaired by the officer responsible for the sales and marketing departments, was established to resolve specific issues arising from decisions made by the CS Executive Meeting. A Quality Review Committee chaired by the corporate vice president responsible for quality assurance works on resolving CS issues related to products.
  3. CS Executive Meeting
    The CS Executive Meeting chaired by a representative of senior management is held monthly to identify issues of importance to the entire organization from customers' 'voices' collected in the course of our daily work and from various CS surveys with the aim of resolving them in a timely manner.