Integrated Customer Support Center (Main Contact Point for Inquiries)

At Fuji Xerox, the call center for maintenance requests and consumables order placement, the help desk that responds to questions on software and networking, and the technical support desk for providing specialist knowledge are located at a single site. The reason for this is that help desk employees and technical support personnel can cooperate when offering prompt responses to demanding questions from our customers on software, hardware, and entire systems.

Image of Integrated Customer Support Center

This Integrated Customer Support Center provides a total support system by realizing prompt and accurate one-stop service with an inspection environment and a functional cooperation system for each customer contract. Also, it employs remote service functions and cooperates with customer engineers and system engineers in the relevant fields to monitor and diagnose problems in customers' systems and machines, so as to preempt any problems that could halt the flow of work in a customer's core business.

Image of support system of Integrated Support Center

We conducted our own customer satisfaction survey on selected functions of the Integrated Customer Support Center targeting those customers who had contacted the center with inquiries or requests. This was implemented as part of our efforts to provide services that will enhance the satisfaction of our customers.

Outline of the survey

Details Ease of getting the call connected; level of understanding; accuracy of the response; time taken for the response; consideration shown toward the issue; and other overall issues in response to the customers.
Duration April 2015 to March 2016
Number of responses (= number of responses gathered upon gaining an understanding on the objective of the survey) 6,798 responses

As a result, about 98% of respondents answered that overall, they are "satisfied" or "very satisfied."

In December 2013 the customer support center received COPCNote 1 - international quality assurance certification - for its functionality in responding to maintenance requests and dealing with consumables order placements. Furthermore, in February 2014 it was awarded HDINote 2 international IT support service standard certification for its help desk function, being strongly committed to improving its service and quality.

  • Note 1 COPC®
  • Note 2 HDI (Abbreviation for Help Desk Institute)

Performance improvement model developed in the United States for call center/BPO services. As of January 2015, more than 1,600 companies in 75 countries across the world adopt the COPC model, which is intended to improve the performance of call centers, specifically their service and quality, helping to increase customer satisfaction while reducing the cost. The model has been promoted through the use of COPC certification, which is given to organizations that meet all benchmarking criteria for excellent call centers, including service, quality, cost, customer satisfaction, sales and management method performance.

The Help Desk Institute is the world's largest membership organization for IT support services. It was established in the United States in 1989 and its current mission is to raise the positions of people and organizations engaged in customer support services and enhance the customer experience at call centers. The HDI implements a certification program based on its unique international standards for services in the support industry. Call centers certified under HDI are recognized as excellent customer support centers on international level.