VOC (Voice of Customer)

In order to build a deeper relationship with our customers, We keep records of customers' voice that we learn from daily activities of our sales representatives, maintenance technicians, and call centers all over Japan. We call this system VOC (Voice of Customer). Approximately 216,000 items of information were entered in the system in fiscal year 2014.
The customer voices that we collect contain not only complaints and opinions, but also various customer issues. We share voices from customers with our departments that have contact with customers as well as with other departments within our company to solve incidents, to prevent incidents from re-occurring, and for planning and development of new products and services.

Examples of Improvements

  • Ways of using the incoming mail notification function in the Working Folder has expanded.
  • It is now possible to smoothly print out data from an authorized multifunction device after the output data has been sent.
  • The multifunction device can now sense the approach of a person and disable the power-saving function.
  • The IT Anshin Service Pack II can now support up to 300 computers in multiple locations.

The beat/active service has become more failure-resistant and now supports flexible establishment of VPNs.

The operation of a customer in the design production field was improved, including achieving consistency in reproduced colors among different devices (computer monitors, displays, printers, etc.).