Community Engagement: Results and Activities in Each Country and Region in FY2018

In fiscal 2018, we have continued to conduct a range of community engagement activities in each of the Asia-Pacific countries and regions where we operate. The following shows major examples of these activities.

FY 2018 Performance

Activities in Each Country and Region

Offering Learning Materials in Emerging Countries: Sharing the Joy of Learning with Children

By using its production printers, Fuji Xerox has been distributing learning materials in emerging countries in the Asia-Pacific region for contributing to narrowing educational disparity among children in those countries. We launched this project in the Philippines in 2014 and then expanded it to Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. With the participation of more than 600 employees in total, we have supported about 90,000 children.
In Vietnam, where the educational gap between urban and rural areas is regarded as a social issue, we are implementing the project together with Save the Children, an international NGO. In fiscal 2018 we donated 7,500 books, such as picture books suitable for preschool-aged children, to kindergartens and school libraries in remote areas for use by 3,000 children. In addition to Fuji Xerox Vietnam, Fuji Xerox Hai Phong also supported this activity, and a total of 31 employees from the two companies participated in the volunteer reading and outdoor entertainment events held for local children. Working together with employees who want to pass on the joy of learning to children for their future, we aim to support a total of 100,000 children through the project by 2023, enhancing collaboration with supporting NGOs and companies.

Fuji Xerox Kyoto: Transcending Eras by Cutting-Edge Technologies

Using our multifunction devices and advanced technology in combination, Fuji Xerox Kyoto has been contributing to the cultural inheritance by making exact reproductions of historical and other traditional documents since 2018. We have donated more than 250 replicas to shrines, temples, educational facilities and old families.
In 2018 we created replicas of Maeda Gen-i Sadamegaki (document showing the rules set by Maeda Gen-i under the Toyotomi administration) and the Nariai-ji Temple pilgrimage mandala, which is said to have been created in the Muromachi period. We examined the originals repeatedly in order to create, with the help of our development staff, reproductions that looked like the originals down to every last detail, including the traditional Japanese gold, white and red colors used. Opportunities to see these historical documents are limited because most of them have been donated to museums to keep them safe from disasters, age deterioration, theft and other risks for damage and loss. In contrast, the replicas can be viewed and even touched by the general public. The replica of the Nariai-ji Temple pilgrimage mandala is indeed used widely for education, tourism and research, answering the wish of the temple’s chief priest, who said, “I want to use the mandala as a material to educate history to local children.”
We will further improve our reproduction capabilities and will continue to contribute to the effective use and inheritance of invaluable information as well as of diminishing cultural assets.

Fuji Xerox Tokyo: Fostering Smiles through Dancing

For people with Down’s syndrome to lead more fulfilling lives, it is important that they have opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and gain the understanding of society. Fuji Xerox Tokyo supports the LOVE JUNX activities designed to provide people with Down’s syndrome with opportunities to experience entertainment and the joy of expressing themselves through dance, thereby gaining greater understanding and reducing prejudice against the syndrome in society and expanding possibilities for people who have it. With its Kakehashi Club (an employee volunteer organization), Fuji Xerox Tokyo began supporting the activities in 2002, when the first LOVE JUNX live dance event was held. Employees from various departments support the LOVE JUNX activities through a range of tasks such as distributing leaflets, guiding participants, selling goods, responding to inquiries, and encouraging and supporting performers from backstage. Many of the participating employees have been enchanted by the delightful and artistic sensitivity of people with Down’s syndrome, with one saying, “I participated in the activity to support them, and I found myself inspired by them.” In 2009, an affiliate of Fuji Xerox in the Kansai region also began supporting the activities. Moreover, some of our customers have also participated, learning about the program through our customer collaboration activity. We will continue to support the activities while further increasing the number of supporters.

HASU Club: Multi-generational Commitment of Employees to Supporting Local Communities

The HASU Club is a volunteer organization established in 1991 and is managed by employees of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates. Its funding comes from the deduction of fractional amounts of less than 100 yen from the monthly salaries and bonuses of the employees in addition to personal arbitrary contributions (within the range from 100 yen to 9,900 yen, in increments of 100). This money is used to make donations to organizations engaged in social welfare, international culture and education, the protection of the natural environment, and disaster-related tasks. (Fuji Xerox donates the same amount on top of the employee donations as a matching gift.) The funds are also used for activities by members of the Club.
In fiscal 2018, the Club continued to conduct various activities, including volunteering by 29 members to support the victims of the Heavy Rain in of August 2018 and of the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake. They moved various items to and from damaged houses and removed mud. Members of the Club also discussed the goals and vision to be pursued by them amid changes in society, while advancing the activities toward the community and enhancing both internal and external PR activities to gain more understanding from the society. In recognition of the fact that the Club has been promoting its activities for 28 years and has influenced other companies as an advanced model of corporate engagement, it received a grand prize for contributions to creating a mutually supportive society from the Tokyo metropolitan government as well as a special jury award for nature conservation from the Nature Conservation Society of Japan. We will continue to enhance the localized activities of the Club.

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