Engagement with Customers

Engagement with Customers

Targeted Social Issues

  • Improving social productivity and generating innovation
  • Promoting social diversity and inclusion
  • Improving working environment and quality of life in emerging countries
  • Addressing increased information security risk

The Value Fuji Xerox Provides to Address These Issues

  • Creating a communication environment in which everybody can use the information they need in the optimal format and share it with anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • Providing an environment in which all members of society, regardless of organizational affiliation, contribute their knowledge and spur innovation
  • Providing emerging countries with products, solutions, and services adjusted to local needs and level of development
  • Reducing information security risk and securely protecting important data

High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox

Our Approach

In order to continuously provide customers with safe and high-quality products, we are committed to driving innovations for product safety in a continuous and bold manner as our basic policy. We will listen to and seek to deeply understand our customers’ opinions to constantly deliver value which can meet their needs and expectations, thereby increasing their satisfaction, earning more trust from them, and contributing to the sustainable development of our customers as well as society at large.


Fuji Xerox engages in various activities to become the “True Number One in CS.” Moreover, throughout 2017 we will develop global activities to achieve the number one in royalty in line with our CS guidelines, in which we are upholding “Always the Number One Choice” as a new goal. We are committed to understanding both the present and future issues faced by our customers and to sharing in their resolution. In this way, we plan to remain our customers’ partner of choice through our CS activities, creating and utilizing knowledge hand in hand with our customers and, in turn, helping to solve social issues.

Tomoyuki Matsuura
Corporate Vice President and Executive General Manager of Customer Satisfaction Quality Assurance Group, Fuji Xerox

Creating Value Based on Customer Satisfaction

CSR Indicators regarding Engagement with Customers