Engagement with Employees

Engagement with Employees

Targeted Social Issues

  • Training and utilizing a diverse workforce
  • Developing human resources who contribute to resolving social issues
  • Creating an environment that spurs motivation to work

The Value Fuji Xerox Provides to Address These Issues

  • Creating an environment that empowers every one of our employees to make maximum use of their abilities, enjoy their work, and experience the fulfillment of personal and professional growth

High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox

Our Approach

People are the foundation of Fuji Xerox’s success. To remain sustainable as a going concern, we believe it is important for the company to respond to social changes ahead of others and to maintain a diverse workforce of independent and autonomous individuals with different personal characteristics and backgrounds who will continue to take on challenges and self-innovate.

Companies have financial, social, and human assets, and employees are required to demonstrate their financial, social, and human value for their companies. Fuji Xerox will give priority to establishing an environment where employees can work with higher motivation, including by helping them improve their health and ensuring their occupational safety, and will develop employees who can think and act on their own by increasing their value through learning.


We are focusing on nurturing a corporate culture that encourages employees to take on challenges and meet them in order to help the company achieve growth and increase its profitability, while also enjoying their own professional development.

We of course respect diversity among our employees in terms of gender, age, whether or not they have a disability, their nationality, whether or not they are LGBT and so on. Furthermore, we will implement measures to foster more productive work styles in consideration of the results of our past employee satisfaction surveys so that all employees of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates will be able to work energetically and foster open, fair and transparent business activities. We will enhance our unity of words and deeds (Genko-Itchi) through these initiatives so that we can provide our customers with more value and help them solve their issues.

Toru Yamada
Director and Senior Vice President, Fuji Xerox


Improving Employee Satisfaction

Fuji Xerox considers it important to have an accurate understanding of the mindset and values that each and every employee has toward the company and their work, and to improve employee satisfaction (ES) as well as reflecting these findings into the management of the company, in order to bring out the full potential of each and every employee and to create a lively workplace environment. Based on this approach, in 1978, Fuji Xerox began conducting a questionnaire-based "Morale Survey (current ES Survey)" of all employees in our company. This was later also implemented in our affiliated companies and sales companies within Japan. The results of this survey are utilized as important information in developing our corporate direction as well as in finding solutions within our organization. The information is also provided to our employees through the Intranet and each organization.

The survey is centered on the following five categories, referred to as "core morale": Work Satisfaction, Workplace Satisfaction, Satisfaction with Superiors, Satisfaction with HR System and its Management, and Satisfaction with Organizational Management.

In addition, the survey asks questions on how well the employees understand and are practicing the corporate direction, as well as their attitudes toward Our Shared Values espoused for both Fuji Xerox and its affiliates. There are a total of 50 such questions that are commonly shared by Fuji Xerox employees and those working in affiliates and sales companies within Japan.

In addition to these common questions, there are also questions related to measures and programs on such issues as harassment and work-life balance, as well as questions that are specific to each company. A comment area for freely writing opinions is also provided.

Also, at our overseas sales companies, we have been conducting the Employee Motivation & Satisfaction Survey (EMSS) for the same purpose since 2001. In fiscal 2016, we updated the survey, renaming it the Regional Employee Engagement Survey, to make it possible to not only identify the employees’ satisfaction as EMSS but also compare the level of local employees’ satisfaction confirmed in the survey with the level of employee satisfaction at other companies in each country.

In fiscal 2016, the groupwide average score for Core Morale was 3.38 points (out of a maximum score of 5.0 points) and thus remained at a high level, though it did not show much change from the 3.36 points of the previous year. For individual subjects, scores were 3.51 for Work Satisfaction, 3.50 for Workplace Satisfaction, and 3.56 for Satisfaction with Superiors, once again exceeding the average score of the previous year. In addition, the score for Satisfaction with Organizational Management was 3.23 points. Satisfaction with HR System and its Management was 3.01 points. The scores were thus above 3.00 points for all five items.

Based on the results of the ES Survey, we held workplace discussions and dialogues, which led to the steady implementation of communication-based workplace improvement initiatives. However, in order to achieve further growth, it is important for Fuji Xerox and its affiliates to be united in nurturing the culture of taking on challenges. To this end in fiscal 2017, we will make even greater effort to create a workplace where employees are encouraged to proactively take on challenges, aspiring to attain higher targets. We set a goal of "achieve results by fostering a corporate culture that encourages challenges to change" as one of our corporate directions and uphold the "No Try, No Success" motto, while recognizing the importance of effective workplace communication between employees and managers.

Trends in Core Morale at Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated)

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