Participating in the UN Global Compact

Spearheading Activities as a LEAD Company

UN Global Compact Leaders summit 2017 in New York
(Fuji Xerox participated)

Fuji Xerox supports the UN Global Compact* and became a signatory in fiscal 2002. We became a signatory to the Global Compact CEO Statement in fiscal 2008 with the signature of then and nominated a UN Global Compact LEAD company (there are now 44 such companies throughout the world as of September 2017) in fiscal 2010 in recognition of the commitment of Fuji Xerox top management and the company’s proactive measures in this field.
Former Fuji Xerox President Toshio Arima presently serves as a member of the Global Compact Board in New York City, and manages the Global Compact. Network Japan (GC-NJ), which currently comprises some 250 companies and organizations. We also actively support the UN Global Compact Office in New York City and GC-NJ by seconding employees.
In fiscal 2016, we participated in new project “Breakthrough Innovation Challenge” and presented the outcomes of the project activities over the year at the UN Global Compact Leaders summit 2017.