Feature Article 2: Smart Work Gateway to Take Work Styles to the Next Level

The Smart Work Gateway Global Concept Work process efficiency -> Work style reform -> Solution for social issues

Fuji Xerox creates a secure, open communication environment where all participants understand each other. To that end, we collaborate with our cloud service partners to offer customers a variety of communication tools in the forms that best suit them. In this way we aim to enable diverse work styles that empower individuals to perform at their best.

Companies Face Increasingly Demanding and Complex Social Challenges

The operating environment for companies is undergoing major transformation as globalization accelerates and business models diversify. In these circumstances, companies need the ability to stay accurately informed about the rapid changes around them.
That is why they are constantly on the lookout for communication models that deliver outstanding advancements in productivity, enabling massive volumes of information to be used efficiently in the required format and shared with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Communication-related innovation is a never-ending challenge for companies as they strive to enhance productivity.
Nowadays the social challenges facing companies in Japan and throughout the world are increasingly demanding and complex.
Particular issues include promoting social diversity, improving work environments and quality of life, and achieving work-life balance. Consequently, companies need to shift to more diverse, flexible work styles as they improve the efficiency of their work processes.

Supporting Our Customers in Reforming Work Styles

Announcement of the Smart Work Gateway concept and partnership with three cloud service providers (October 2016)

Fuji Xerox facilitates high-value communication that meets the needs of the times, enabling its customers to generate corporate value more effectively and efficiently. To fulfill that role, we provide solutions and services that contribute to resolving customers’ management issues. Given the changing times, however, it has now become impossible for us to rely solely on our own multifunction devices and services to continue supporting diverse work styles that empower our individual customers to perform at their best. So it was partly in response to the wishes of these customers that we initiated the global roll out of our new Smart Work Gateway concept.
With Smart Work Gateway, we are supplementing our own multifunction devices and services by pursuing collaboration with a range of partners. Our aim is to reflect feedback received from customers seeking to transform their work processes and work styles. Fuji Xerox is taking the lead in establishing a platform, or ecosystem that provides a communication environment suited to individual customers and reforms work processes. To achieve this, we are forging holistic links between our multifunction devices and cloud services operated by Fuji Xerox and our partner companies. Thus we will help companies in their efforts to reform work styles by improving workers’ productivity and enhancing work efficiency.
In addition, we will identify optimum solutions to customers’ issues using the variety of information amassed through our IoT (Internet of Things) technology and through linkage with various cloud services. This will entail big data analysis employing AI, and use of our technologies cultivated to date, including those for processing language, images, and knowledge. Such analysis will be the means to deliver greater value to customers and take office work to the next level.

Cloud Service Hub

  • Help customers transform their work styles by linking multifunction devices to cloud services
  • Use Cloud Service Hub to enable access to a variety of cloud services from multifunction devices
Cloud Service Hub Access from multifunction devices Access from mobile terminals

The Smart Work Gateway concept facilitates increased efficiency in work processes, as well as work style reform. By linking our multifunction devices and services to a wide range of business cloud services provided by other companies, we enable more efficient business operations, quicker responses, and more effective communication.
The Cloud Service Hub connects key cloud services using a single interface. It eliminates unnecessary complications, enhancing work efficiency and improving convenience for the user. But Cloud Service Hub is more than just a service that connects devices to the cloud. Its ability to easily integrate complex cloud systems makes work more efficient and enables users to take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

Cloud services available to use (As of August 2017)

  • Box®
  • Dropbox®
  • Evernote®
  • Google DriveTM
  • OneDrive®
  • SharePoint® Online
  • Working Folder
  • Concur
  • freee
  • Sansan

Example of Our Partnerships

We joined forces with cloud-based expense management company Concur Japan, Ltd. to enhance efficiency in expense reimbursement procedures

Nowadays, enhancement of work efficiency to make workers more productive is recommended as a way of reforming work styles. Against this backdrop, Japan’s e-Document Law was relaxed to recognize digitized images as electronic receipts, allowing the paper originals to be discarded. Reimbursement of expenses is expected to become more efficient as a result of this change. It is, however, time-consuming to upload individual receipts to an electronic expenses system using a smartphone or similar device, and the differing sizes of receipts make processing them in paper form arduous.
Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Service Hub for Concur links Concur Expense, a cloud-based expense management solution, to our digital multifunction devices to provide a one-stop service. The user needs only to scan receipts using one of our multifunction devices for each receipt to be recognized separately and recorded automatically on Concur Expense.
Thanks to this collaboration-based service, employees are freed from arduous expense reimbursement procedures. In addition to raising productivity, moreover, it can significantly reduce transportation, storage, and administration costs as removal of the obligation to store original receipts allows companies to shift to a paperless process.

Remarks on Behalf of Concur Japan

Masamune Mimura
Chief Executive Officer
Concur Japan, Ltd.

Concur Japan assists businesspeople in boosting their productivity and helps Japanese companies to become more competitive. Japan’s e-Document Law stipulated demanding rules that led to inefficient expense reimbursement procedures requiring workers to spend time applying glue to paper receipts. However, we revolutionized efficiency in this work by adding new features to Concur Travel & Expense and lobbying for relaxation of the rules. Then, last year, we were able to link Concur Travel & Expense to other related solutions through Fuji Xerox’s Smart Work Gateway. Combining our service with multifunction devices allows a large number of receipts to be digitized all at once, enabling even greater efficiencies to be achieved in expense reimbursement and other back-office operations. In future, if companies are to become more competitive globally and achieve sustained growth, it will be essential for them to develop new life stage-appropriate work styles rooted in a diversity of values. The Smart Work Gateway coordinates different life stages, such as childbirth, parenting, and caregiving, as well as different workplace environments such as a regular office, a home office, and a remote office. Through our links with the Smart Work Gateway we will continue helping to bring about a better society.