CSR Indicators regarding Engagement with Local Communities

Indicators Definition Companies Fiscal 2015
Fiscal 2016
Fiscal 2017
Community engagement spending Total spending by Fuji Xerox and its affiliates on social initiatives and activities that contribute to the community.  Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 372.00 million yen 394 million yen 370 million yen Description 1
Affiliates in Japan 72.00 million yen 109 million yen 85 million yen
Overseas affiliates 174.00 million yen 141 million yen 109 million yen
Total 617.00 million yen 643 million yen Note 1 565 million yen 
Employee participation in volunteer programs Note 2 Aggregate number of employees (including repeat participants) participating and cooperating in volunteer programs sponsored by Fuji Xerox and its affiliates. Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 656 626 520 Description 2
Affiliates in Japan 4,023 2,911 2,814
Overseas affiliates 10,429 14,225 7,349
Enrollment in Fuji Xerox HASU Clubs Note 3 Number of employees and retirees who are members of (one of the Fuji Xerox ) HASU Club(s), volunteer organizations. Fuji Xerox and seven   affiliated companies in Japan and overseas 3,721 3,763 3,648 Description 3
Number of grants and fellowships from Fuji Xerox Kobayashi Fund Recipients of grants for foreign researchers in Japan(Total recipients to date) Note 4 Number of research grants and fellowships received by foreign and Japanese researchers, primarily at the doctoral level in the humanities or social sciences, as
part of our ongoing efforts to promote mutual understanding through academic exchange between Japan and other Asia-Pacific countries and regions. 
  32 scholors
32 scholors
32 scholors
Description 4
22.75 million yen 20.45 million yen 23.63 million yen
Recipients of Kobayashi Fellowship (Total recipients to date) Note 5 8 scholors
8 scholors
8 scholors
6.86 million yen 6.36 million yen 6.81 million yen

Offering learning materials in emerging countries
Number of children newly included in the support target (Cumulative total) We support the children with limited acces to primary education by offering the learning materials printed by our production printers in cooperation with local partners.
Indicators are number of beneficiary children, number of copies distributed, and number of employees who participated in the activity.
The Philippines
Description 5
Number of copies distributed 2,597 72,250 11,594
Number of employees participated in the activity 187 100 210
Number of Participants of Tono Mirai Zukuri College program   - 4,262 4,103 6,494  
Number of copies of large-print textbooks   Fuji Xerox and its affiliates in Japan 270,000 260,000 270,000  
Number of companies supporting Special Olympics   Fuji Xerox and its affiliates in Japan 21 15 15  
The volunteer day-off system Number of users   Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 20 (Male:16, Female:4) 11 (Male:8, Female:3) 7 (Male:5, Female:2)  
Cumulative activity days   62 days 36 days 22 days  
Number of users of social services system   Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) 1 0 1  
  • Note 1 Because expenditures were rounded off to the unit of one million yen individually for Fuji Xerox, its domestic affiliates, and overseas affiliates, the sum of each item does not match the total amount.
  • Note 2 Number of employees engaging in volunteer activities represents the total number of employees of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates who participated in or cooperated in volunteer activities organized by the company. The activities of volunteer organizations such as HASU clubs voluntarily operated by employees are not included.
  • Note 3 HASU Club is a volunteer organization run by Fuji Xerox employees. The club raises funds from members, who voluntarily contribute the fractional remainders from their monthly salaries and scheduled bonuses via automatic withdrawal, and use the contributions to support their own social contribution activities or those of NPOs/NGOs.
  • Note 4 Grants to support research by young scholars from the Asia-Pacific region who are enrolled in doctoral programs in the humanities or social sciences at Japanese graduate schools.
  • Note 5 Fellowships to support young Japanese researchers who are enrolled in doctoral programs in the humanities or social sciences and are pursuing research concerning the Asia-Pacific region.


  Description of fiscal 2017 performance Goals/challenges
Description 1 Community engagement spending for fiscal 2017 totaled approximately 565 million yen, as a result of our having conducted a company-wide review of our social contribution activities.
In fiscal 2017, we did not have any expenses outside of the plan for giving aid in the event of major natural disasters.
In addition to the key themes of “education for future generations” and “conservation of diminishing cultures and information,” we will advance community engagement activities with a focus on resolving social issues that are unique to the local community.
Description 2 In fiscal 2017, a total of 10,683 persons volunteered in community engagement activities hosted by our companies.
As a result of having reviewed the entirety of our activities at affiliated companies outside of Japan, the number of participating volunteers has declined this year.
We will continue to promote social contribution activities with the participation of our employees, with the aim of creating an environment where each and every employee is able to work with a sense of vitality. 
Description 3 Nature conservation activities have been collectively registered by the Ministry of the Environment as an approved business promoting environmental protection. Furthermore, in the field of social welfare activities, we actively expanded our activities such as in hosting events, including a visit paid by the overseas camp in the Philippines to a facility for disabled people. The number of participants is declining along with the decline in the number of employees. We will strive to continue providing fruitful activities, while working to maintain the number of participants by highlighting the significance of conducting such activities.
Description 4 Under the programs, research grants were awarded to 32 foreign scholors studying in Japan from 11 countries and regions, and fellowships were awarded to 8 Japanese scholars. We will continue to provide research subsidies. Meanwhile, we will also strengthen our efforts to offer opportunities for networking, with a focus on previous subsidy recipients, by increasing the number of research presentation opportunities and networking meetings for those with doctoral degrees, in addition to increasing the digital archive of research results.
Description 5 In fiscal 2017, we started this project in Malaysia. We are also expanding our activities in the countries where we are already conductiong the project. For example, in Myanmar, a local Japanese company who is our customer and has agree with our progect goal, has started participating in the activities. In fiscal 2018, we will continue making steady strides in conducting activities in each contry, with the aim of supporting a total of 100,000 children by the year 2023. We will continue to make use of the strength of supporter companies to operate a sustainable suppport system in each country and region by flexibly addressing the differences in educational systems, learning culture and social issues between the countries.