High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox

Contributing to the future of societies(1.Education for future generations, 2.Conservation of diminishing cultures and information)

1.Education for future generations

Offering Learning Materials in Emerging Countries

In the Asia-Pacific region, where Fuji Xerox is doing business, there are many children who have limited access to primary education. This project contributes to narrowing educational gaps among children in emerging countries through the distribution of learning materials for primary education.

Fuji Xerox supervises the project in its entirety, finding partners who will donate content and financial sponsors who will cover printing and other costs in order to create materials that meet local needs. The created materials are printed out in the quantity required using Fuji Xerox production printers, and the copies are distributed to children who lack sufficient educational opportunities as a means of supporting their education in cooperation with local NGOs and communities. We aim to use the project to distribute materials to 100,000 children in the Asia-Pacific region by 2023, gradually expanding the support target through cooperation with more companies and NGOs.

Learning Materials Distribution Project

Past Activities

We launched the project first in the Philippines in 2014 and then expanded it to include Myanmar and Thailand in fiscal 2015, Vietnam and Indonesia in fiscal 2016, and then Malaysia in fiscal 2017.With the participation of 500 employees in total, we have supported about 87,000 children, changing the form of support according to the local situation and needs in each country.

Future Initiatives

In fiscal 2018 we plan to continue making steady strides in the each country. We will continue to make use of the strength of supporter companies to operate a sustainable support system in each country and region by flexibly addressing the differences in educational systems, learning culture and social issues among the countries.

Activity in each of the countries
The Philippines

First Year:In June 2014

  • Gakken Holdings (donate content)
  • Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc. (1)Note 1
  • CFC ANCOP Global Foundation, Inc. (2)

Content provided:
Supplementary learning materials of English and Mathematics

No. of children supported under the project:
5,594 children


(1) We distribute English/mathematics workbooks to preschool-aged children attending classes operated by the NGO in poor areas. We are continuing to support the children while checking their progress in learning in partnership with the NGO.

Learning the workbooks

(2) We supply workbooks with which children can practice writing and reading English for use in an initiative implemented by the NGO (to provide first- and second-graders at public elementary schools who have problems with English with a one-year intensive English learning program and check their progress at the end of the year). The program adopts a tutor system based on volunteer activities by university students and others and is designed to help children steadily increase their English abilities.


First Year:In June 2015

  • Gakken Holdings (donate content), Xenon Company Limited (support printing)

Content provided:
Supplementary learning materials of Mathematics

No. of children supported under the project:
1,219 children

Workbooks on mathematical calculations

Mainly in the suburbs of Yangon, we supply workbooks on mathematical calculations for use as supplementary materials in the classes of state- and monastery-managed elementary schools located in areas where many of the local children are from poor families. Our employees regularly visit the schools to check how the workbooks are used in cooperation with the schoolteachers, with an eye to continuing the support toward the future.

Children pleased with the workbooks

In fiscal 2017, we have been expanding our activities by the collabolation with a Japanese company customer in Myanmar who have joined us in sponsoring this initiative.

We prepare seven kinds of workbooks that include those in Myanmar and English languages, for different learning levels, and we communicate with local teachers to confirm local needs while increasing the variety of workbooks in terms of level of difficulty and language used.


First Year:In August 2015

CCF(Community Children Foundation Under the Royal Patronage of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn)

Content provided:
Diversified supplementary learning materials, including those for reading/writing, arithmetic and word games

No. of children supported under the project:
60,914 children

The workbook imprinted with
the emblem of the Thai royal family
The ceremony in Northern school

We decide on whom to support, create learning materials, distribute the materials, and check how they are actually used in cooperation with CCF, an NGO supporting child education under the royal patronage of HRH Princess Maha. We examine local needs in partnership with beneficiary schools located in remote areas, their teachers and the NGO, and then supply workbooks as supplementary learning materials to raise children’s interest in learning, including workbooks for reading/writing, counting, learning how to read the time on a clock, mazes, and word games.

We prepared 60,000 copies of a special workbook imprinted with the emblem of the Thai royal family, which was presented to HRH Princess Maha to commemorate her 60th birthday. The donated copies were then delivered to the children by the NGO.


First Year:In February 2017

Save the Children Vietnam

Content provided:
11 eypes of illustrated books

No. of children supported under the project:
About 4,500 children

A sample of picture book cover Reading aloud for children

We donate reading materials, such as picture books suitable for preschool-aged children, to libraries and reading rooms located in remote areas in cooperation with Save the Children, an NGO conducting child support activities globally. Specifically, this NGO supports children in using the books and monitors how they are actually used.

We add an introduction explaining the purpose of the project to the content prepared by the NGO, print out the content with support from our customers, and provide copies to children. The colorful and illustrated reading materials are written in Vietnamese and are designed mainly to educate children on important local customs and morals, help them increase their vocabularies and ability to read and understand, encourage them to develop the habit of reading, and increase their motivation to learn. Also, for teachers we have prepared a guidebook on how to read books aloud to children.

Our employees also participate in ceremony events to present the reading materials and enjoy interacting with local children.


First Year:In March 2017

SOS Children’s Village Indonesia

Content provided:
Diversified supplementary learning materials, including those for reading/writing, arithmetic and word games

No. of children supported under the project:
About 3,500 children

Colorful workbook Communicating with children

PT Astra Graphia, Tbk., which is our sales agent in Indonesia, began activities in cooperation with a global NGO named SOS Children’s Village via its foundation. In reference to the workbooks provided under the project in Thailand, the sales agent prepares supplementary learning materials in the Indonesian language with the NGO with a view to encouraging children to increase their interest in learning, including materials for reading/writing, counting, learning how to read the time on a clock, mazes, and word games. These materials are provided to children in need of support.

The sales agent will expand the activity, which was started in the suburbs of Jakarta, to across Indonesia.


First Year:In September 2017

MY Readers

Content provided:
Workbooks to comprehensively improve children’s English abilities, including reading and writing as well as reading comprehension

No. of children supported under the project:
About 1,000 children

Provided workbook Students smiling after receiving the workbook

In Malaysia, which is a nation of diverse ethnic groups, we work in partnership with the NGO MY Reader who give educational support toward children who have difficulties in their skills with the English language. We provide a workbook totaling nearly 150 pages covering three study categories: pronunciation, reading & writing, and reading comprehension. The NGO gives assistance in having the children progress in their studies using the workbook, and assess the effects of this initiative, such as by measuring the students’ English language abilities before and after the program, and by conducting interviews toward the teachers and students.

  • Note 1 The NGO promotes housing projects across the Philippines to help people living in slum areas to become more self-supporting. “Gawad Kalinga” means “care” in Tagalog, and the NGO gives support to 2,000 communities and 60,000 families across the country. Fuji Xerox Philippines has been cooperating with the NGO since it constructed the Fuji Xerox Gawad Kalinga Village in 2007. Under the project, we are collaborating with the NGO, regarding it as an important partner that serves as bridge between the company and local communities.
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2.Conservation of diminishing cultures and information

Reproducing and Utilizing Historical Documents

Using our multifunction devices and advanced technologies in combination, Fuji Xerox helps reproduce historical and other traditional documents. By creating and donating highly accurate reproductions, this initiative aims to help conserve diminishing cultures and irreplaceable historical documents for the future and make them fully accessible to a wider community.

The initiative was launched by Fuji Xerox Kyoto in 2008 to contribute to cultural inheritance through the reproduction of traditional documents as part of its social contributions. To reproduce more colorful and exquisite originals, the development team also joined the initiative, which scaled up the activity. For wider use of traditional documents possessed by old families, temples and shrines, we create reproductions that look like the originals down to every last detail, including color tone, paper type and texture, and bookbinding. Unlike the aging original documents, we created replicas that can be looked at, handled and used freely. We have so far donated a total of 250 or more such replicas of large maps, drawings of festival costumes, combat manuals, designs of Japanese confectioneries, and more, not only to shrines, temples, and old families, but also to regional towns, universities, and companies.

On the theme of “timeless communication,” we will continue to fuse our unique reproduction and communication technologies to reproduce traditional documents and support their intergenerational transfer, thereby contributing to the recovery of invaluable traditional documents that are otherwise disappearing, public access to undisclosed traditional documents, and the passing down of teachings, wisdom, ideas and feelings of bygone generations.

Past Activities

In fiscal 2017, we developed and donated replicas, including the picture scroll “Outgoing Procession in 1828 by Lord Narikuni Date, Minor Captain in the Lower Grade of the Junior Fourth Rank” owned by Toshinobu Sue of Osaki City in Miyagi Prefecture, and an original handwriting by Takamori Saigo Takamori, entrusted by the Masuda Family to the city of Satsumasendai in Kagoshima Prefecture.

The picture scroll donated to Osaki City is a major work extending approximately 30 meters in length. It depicts the procession when the 12th lord of the Sendai Domain, Date Narikuni, left for Edo on his first “Sankin Kotai” (system whereby feudal lords were required to spend every other year in the city of Edo). We reproduced a part of this picture scroll by making full use of our in-house technologies, including our image processing technology and image texture control technology.

“We are extremely grateful to you for having provided us with a replica of such high precision, created by making use of your high technological capabilities,” said Mayor Iwakiri of Satsumasendai City. “This scroll reminds us of the connection that exists between Satsumasendai City and Saigo Takamori, and will be utilized for exhibition and educational activities. It will be of great help in drawing the attention of the general public toward the former house of the Masuda Family, Iriki Fumoto, and the city of Satsumasendai.”

Donating a replica of the picture scroll to Mayor Ito of Osaki City (left).
Donating a replica of the handwriting to Mayor Iwakiri of Satsumasendai City (left).

A part of the replica of the picture scroll “Outgoing Procession in 1828 by Lord Narikuni Date, Minor Captain in the Lower Grade of the Junior Fourth Rank”

Fuji Xerox was recognized for its activities in these types of efforts to pass down items of cultural heritage to the next generation with the “Special Award: Award Granted by the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs” at the Mécénat Awards.

The Mécénat Awards, hosted by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, honors activities that are considered particularly outstanding from the perspective of companies contributing to the enrichment of society through arts and culture. The “Special Award: Award Granted by the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs” is given to activities that have helped enhance the quality of cultural integration and creativity.

Our activities to create replicas of traditional documents help “give everyone a chance to see and touch historical documents,” particularly those considered valuable in terms of cultural heritage, by providing substitutes for aging and otherwise deteriorating originals for use in public exhibits, research, and as educational materials. Our activities involving the replicas were highly praised for helping to promote cultural development by passing down knowledge of the lifestyles, wisdom, and creative efforts of the people of the past to future generations.

Winners of the Mécénat Awards 2017

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Initiatives in Social Impact Evaluation

Starting from fiscal 2016, we have been promoting efforts for social impact evaluation, in order to acquire an objective understanding of the social significance and results of our social contribution activities, and to help us make further improvements.

Please see here for more details.