High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox

Providing solutions and services that help office workers to enhance their productivity and demonstrate creativity

We will integrate paper-based information used widely in daily life with electronic information and then seamlessly integrate cloud and mobile solutions, thereby helping our customers improve the quality and productivity of their communications and solve their management issues.

Case Study on Solution

Creating Future Together with All Stakeholders Supporting a university’s sustainable marketing

Granted a gold prize at the 31st DM Award in recognition of the effective use of direct mail for promotional purposes

Against the backdrop of market shrinkage due to a dramatic decrease in the population of people aged 18 and the intensification of competition with overseas universities as globalization progresses, many Japanese universities are beginning to implement new measures to enhance and clearly demonstrate their value. To this end, these universities are required to build relationships with a wider range of stakeholders, including companies and national and local governments in addition to their own students and their students’ guardians.

One such institution, Waseda University, is implementing various reforms under its medium- to long-term plan, “Waseda Vision 150,” toward its 150th anniversary. In particular, the university is fostering the development of highly ambitious global leaders and working to enhance its ties with graduates throughout their lives as well as with local communities.

The Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA) plays the role of maintaining the university’s ties with its graduates, which tend to weaken over time. For the WUAA to continue receiving membership fees from graduates, it is necessary for the association to help them deepen their understanding in WUAA activities and their interest in the university. To this end, Fuji Xerox and the WUAA formed a joint project team and conducted a questionnaire survey of graduates to analyze differences in their recognition, understanding and love of the university by classifying them into types and identifying methods of encouraging them to keep paying their membership fees going forward. Targeting those who graduated from the university 10 years ago, the team sent direct mails optimized for each classified type and posted related information on the WUAA website to urge them to pay the membership fees. As a result, the payment rate increased to about 30%, far beyond the expected rate of 5%, and Fuji Xerox received a gold prize at the 31st DM Award held by Japan Post Co., Ltd. in recognition of its one-stop support service including both pre-analysis and post-evaluation, the process to encourage ongoing payment, and the achievements made through the project.

Naoto Onzo, Ph.D.
Vice President for Public Relations and Admissions Professor, Faculty of Commerce Waseda University
Many Japanese universities are just now facing an issue that Japanese companies have been struggling with for decades. That is, they are required to manage themselves on a long-term basis and from a global perspective. We would like to dramatically increase both the quality and quantity of our education and research by partnering with leading companies and other universities with a view to mutually supplementing resources.

Mitsuhiro Fukuda, Managing Director, Waseda University Alumni Association
I think the DM project was highly applauded because of the teamwork based on the relationship of trust between Fuji Xerox and the association. I hope that the joint team will continue to deliver even more impressive information to graduates of the university.

Providing safe, high-quality products and services

Fuji Xerox is doing its best to provide safe and high-quality products. Specifically, we have established the Basic Policies on Quality Assurance and the Fuji Xerox Product Safety Key Principles to ensure that all products we bring to market are safe to use. Throughout the lifecycles of our products we conduct quality assurance activities in line with the international standards and by adopting advanced technologies, aiming to make further improvements to eliminate product safety-related problems. If a product safety incident does occur, we respond swiftly and work to prevent any recurrence of the incident, thereby maintaining and strengthening the trust Fuji Xerox has earned.

We regularly hold the Quality and Safety Forum to deliver products that our customers can use safely and with peace of mind as part of our effort to ensure product safety in Japan and in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region. Quality and safety managers from our production facilities and sales companies in Japan and overseas come together at “All Fuji Xerox Quality, Safety and Security Forum” to exchange opinions on ways to provide safe, reliable products.

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

In fiscal 2017, one fire accident occurred with a digital multifunction device built with specifications for use outside of Japan. The incident was caused by a particular component catching fire when the device was subject to excessive electrical voltage. We judged that in extremely rare situations, similar accidents may reoccur with devices of this same model, and repaired this model free of charge. We also reviewed the technologies and evaluation procedures for product safety in order to prevent similar accidents. Meanwhile, we implemented preventive measures against non-compliance with product-related laws and regulations, which are being implemented more widely across various countries every year. Also, for quality assurance, we have been providing e-learning for basic quality education on an annual basis since fiscal 2014, not only within Fuji Xerox but also to our affiliates in Japan and to production companies outside the country. In fiscal 2017, 30,782 employees received this education.

Future Activities

We take very seriously this grievous accident that occurred with our product outside of Japan during fiscal 2017. In response, we are reviewing the activities that we have implemented in the past to eliminate problems in product safety and strengthening our system for guaranteeing product safety both in and outside of Japan. Furthermore, we are continuing to raise the safety awareness of all of our employees, including those working at our affiliated companies both in and outside of Japan, and foster the governance of product safety.

Creating an environment where a diverse workforce can thrive within and outside the company

We aim to provide a range of people, including those of various age groups and people with disabilities, with an environment that helps them participate more proactively in society. Internally, we value Cultural Diversity as one of our Shared Values and are working to create workplaces and a corporate culture that help employees demonstrate their abilities regardless of whether or not they have a disability.

For example, we are utilizing information support systems that convert speech into text on a trial basis at departmental meetings attended by employees with hearing difficulties, and make such systems available to all. Also, we hold workshops for departmental managers who have subordinates with disabilities as part of our effort to increase everyone’s awareness of the importance of workplaces where people both with and without disabilities can work together, and to improve the quality of such workplaces. We deem it important to help all employees develop themselves based on an understanding of mutual differences, including those pertaining to disabilities.

Case Study on Solution: Universal Design

Fuji Xerox regards accessibility, usability, and user diversity as the key considerations in universal design, and is conducting manufacturing activities based on this idea. The ApeosPort-VI C series of multifunction devices, released in the fall of 2016, includes a model whose scanner bed is positioned at a height of 83 cm, which is 17 cm lower than that of the standard model, for use by people in wheelchairs. This improvement was made in response to feedback received from wheelchair users, who reported that the cover became inaccessible to them when raised. The model is also equipped with a large color control panel and a sound navigation system for users with audiovisual impairments and the elderly.

We summarized the universal designs adopted for our products in an easy-to-understand brochure.

Universal Design BookDesign that allows everyone to do it independently

Designers simulation testing operations for people with weak eyesight and in wheelchairs

Activities on universal design

Strengthening our position in overseas markets

Fuji Xerox has worldwide business operations, directly marketing its products and services in China and Asia-Pacific region, and serving Europe, the Americas, and emerging markets via Xerox Corporation.
In the Chinese and Asia-Pacific markets, Fuji Xerox has direct-sales networks in large urban centers and works with local dealers in all other areas. The company has steadily bolstered its product planning and development capabilities in China and expanded its service business to provide products and services that meet their specific needs of local markets in the region and have a good balance of functionality, cost, and quality. By doing so, Fuji Xerox continues to meet the expectations of its customers.

Our Activities

To develop and supply products that meet the needs of local customers, we have been strengthening our local product development functions in China since 2012 in order to promptly address the demands of the dramatically changing and growing Chinese market and uncover potential needs in the local market that our teams in Japan would be unable to identify. Capitalizing on our local value chain, which has all functions including planning, development, procurement, production, sales, marketing support and reuse, and by increasing the engagement of employees working in various departments in China, we have been conducting development activities from more diversified viewpoints. The development function enhancement measures have led to the establishment of a system to develop two models in China simultaneously.

Case Study Expanding the lineup of monochrome multifunction devices for the Chinese and other Asia-Pacific markets

Release of the DocuCentre S2110, which was planned and developed under the leadership of Chinese employees

Fuji Xerox released a new lineup of monochrome multifunction devices developed to meet market needs in emerging countries including China in the Asia-Pacific region. The new model is equipped with a function to copy both sides of an ID card on one sheet of paper, which is a function frequently used by Chinese customers, as well as with a function to allow users to operate the control panel via their smartphone industry first. This machine, to which functions for smarter office work have also been added, has an external appearance with a premium feel, which is also needed by the market.

In order to achieve further growth in China and other emerging countries, Fuji Xerox will continue to bolster the supply of products based on the concept "Built by Market" reflecting various requirements of the market more quickly and accurately by implementing the cycle of a series of product planning and development process within the region where the product is used.

DocuCentre S2110

Strengthening our measures to ensure information security

The rapid progress of ICT is causing substantial changes in the way we live and work. All organizations, including companies and governmental agencies, must anticipate future changes in addition to responding to current changes.
For Fuji Xerox, which aims to continue to contribute to society as a solution service provider, information security to deal with external attacks and internal data breaches is an important risk management theme. To help our customers use our services with a sense of security, we are implementing various information security measures for the services we deliver to them. Office documents entail the risk of information being leaked or falsified during the each life cycle stage of creation/update, communication/distribution, managing/sharing, and storage/disposal. So we need to prepare security solutions from a comprehensive viewpoint. Also, it is important to ensure network security to enhance the security of our document distribution channels.

Case Study on Solution

Solution to ensure security for new work styles

Fuji Xerox has been promoting new work styles since 2009 for both quantitative (actions and speed) and qualitative (quality of proposals and abilities to make proposals) maximization targeting its sales forces. To this end, telework, including mobile work and working from home, is essential. The social environment has also been advancing for telework due to the improvement of communication lines and the spread of smart devices. However, cybercrime is also increasing at an accelerated pace, posing more security risks regarding the leaking or loss of information stored on terminals taken outside the company. Mobile work and working from home involve a range of security issues, such as those related to document handling and mail viewing and these risks hinder the promotion of new work styles.

Based on the above practice, Fuji Xerox is providing a starter pack of security measures to help customers ensure security for connections from outside the company, including from employees’ homes, and for the protection of confidential information so that their employees can start working while at home and on the go in a safe manner.

Five security measures required for telework
  1. Measures against inappropriate operations
  2. Measures against the loss and theft of PCs
  3. Measures against malware
  4. Measures against the wiretapping of important information
  5. Measures against unauthorized access and springboard attacks
“New work styles” Starter pack of security measures