Engagement with Employees

Engagement with Employees

Targeted Social Issues

  • Training and utilizing a diverse workforce
  • Developing human resources who contribute to resolving social issues
  • Creating an environment that spurs motivation to work

The Value Fuji Xerox Provides to Address These Issues

  • Creating an environment that empowers every one of our employees to make maximum use of their abilities, enjoy their work, and experience the fulfillment of personal and professional growth

High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox

Our Approach

People are the foundation of Fuji Xerox’s success. To remain sustainable as a going concern, we believe it is important for the company to respond to social changes ahead of others and to maintain a diverse workforce of independent and autonomous individuals with different personal characteristics and backgrounds who will continue to take on challenges and self-innovate.

Fuji Xerox will advance efforts to create a work environment and promote personnel development that will enable all employees to think and act on their own, as they take on the challenges of achieving growth and adapting to changes.

Improving Employee Engagement (Employee Satisfaction: ES)

Fuji Xerox has been conducting a regular questionnaire-based “Morale Survey” (current ES Survey) of its employees since 1978. Moreover, we are working each year on PDCA activities to improve ES at all workplaces.

In fiscal 2017, the score unfortunately went down in all Core Morale subjects, due in part to the effects of the compliance issue that emerged at a sales subsidiary overseas.

In fiscal 2018, we will strive under the management policy “Lead a New Fuji Xerox” to ensure proper compliance, and will build on this to make active efforts to nurture a corporate climate that incorporates new ideas in order to generate swift changes, and that encourages each employee to develop a sense of ownership and follow through on tasks to the very end.

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Trends in Core Morale (Fuji Xerox non-consolidated)

Other Activities

CSR Indicators regarding Engagement with Employees