Engagement with Global Environment

Engagement with Global Environment

Targeted Social Issues

  • Curbing global warming
  • Conserving and effectively utilizing resources
  • Preserving biodiversity

The Value Fuji Xerox Provides to Address These Issues

  • Reducing environmental impact by strengthening Fuji Xerox’s environmental management
  • Providing products and services that combine user convenience with energy saving

High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox

Our Approach

Fuji Xerox does its utmost to harmonize its activities with the environment in every area of business and takes responsibility for all business processes in its value chain from materials procurement to the user-managed end-of-life stage. Accordingly, we are promoting the reduction of environmental impacts throughout the stages from materials procurement to manufacturing, sales and transportation of our products, and use of the products at our customers’ offices.

Initiatives of products and business sites

Fuji Xerox is involved in the three areas of curbing global warming, conserving and effectively utilizing resources, and mitigating the risks posed by chemical substances in both our products and our business activities. We are also involved in preserving forest resource environments, and are making efforts to preserve biodiversity by evaluating what effects we have on the ecosystem and ensuring biodiversity on the land being used as our business sites.

CSR Indicators regarding Engagement with Global Environment