Participating in the UN Global Compact

Spearheading Activities as a LEAD Company

UN Global Compact Leaders summit 2017 in New York
(Fuji Xerox made a presentation.)

Fuji Xerox supports the UN Global Compact and became a signatory in fiscal 2002. We became a signatory to the Global Compact CEO Statement in fiscal 2008 with our signature at that time and nominated a UN Global Compact LEAD company (there are now 42 such companies throughout the world as of September 2018) in fiscal 2010 in recognition of the commitment of Fuji Xerox’s top management and the company’s proactive measures in this field.
Former Fuji Xerox President Toshio Arima served as a member of the UN Global Compact Board until June 2018 and is currently involved in the operation of the Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ), which comprises some 280 companies and organizations, as the representative director.

In Action Platforms to achieve the SDGs where global leadership is expected to play a crucial role, we participated in fiscal 2017 in Reporting on the SDGs, Decent Work in Global Supply Chains, and the new project “Breakthrough Innovation Challenge.”
In activities of the Breakthrough Innovation Challenge, members of the Communication Technology Laboratory of our company have been participating since 2016. We presented the outcomes of the project’s activities in September 2017 at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit.

“The Global Opportunity Explorer” launched by the UNGC contains business solutions implemented by around 300 global companies to achieve the SDGs. Posted on this are our own efforts using a resource recycling system.
In Japan, GCNJ has subcommittees on different themes, and each company joins subcommittees on themes they are interested in. Fuji Xerox join such subcommittees to discuss and share information, and serve as a co-organizer of the Human Rights Due Diligence Subcommittee to promote activities.
We also contributed a report on the employee support program introduced at the Fuji Xerox Shenzhen Plant in China to the fiscal 2017 version of the “SDGs and Business in Practice; Early Actions by Japanese Private Companies” which was issued by GCNJ. We proactively contribute to those initiatives to ensure global sustainable growth.