Engagement with Shareholders and Investors

Engagement with Shareholders and Investors

Targeted Social Issues

  • Fair business practices and strengthening governance

The Value Fuji Xerox Provides to Address These Issues

  • Earning greater trust from society by building a robust management foundation and practicing sound management

High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox

Our Policy on Shareholders

Fuji Xerox is striving to improve its business performance by focusing on efforts to promote sound and transparent management. In fiscal 1999 we introduced committee and corporate officer systems and established internal control functions by business unit in fiscal 2007.

Capital Relationship with FUJIFILM Holdings

Operating on the principle that “CSR is synonymous with corporate management,” Fuji Xerox strives to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by creating new value for the stakeholders while continuously improving its business processes to boost the company’s competitiveness.

We understand that to achieve these aims, we need to create ever-evolving value that reflects changes in the social and business environment. In order to increase its value, the company has introduced into its management process the mechanisms, which help to incorporate stakeholder expectations into business decisions and implement the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) continuous improvement cycle.

Fuji Xerox places high priority on communication and monitoring to help management incorporate stakeholder evaluations and feedback into the management process.

Communication and Monitoring

  1. Communication
    Fuji Xerox promotes dialogue with stakeholders by providing access to CSR information through the Sustainability Report, website, and other channels. Fuji Xerox regards the Sustainability Report as a particularly important tool for customers and employees alike. The process of actively explaining company policies and activities to customers puts our employees in closer touch with the rest of society and heightens their awareness of conditions and issues on the ground, stimulating ideas that help us provide better value to our stakeholders.

    Communication methods

    • Sustainability Report
    • Official website
    • Employee website
    • Messages from the president
    • Environment & community engagement campaign
    • CSR education
  2. Monitoring
    We recognize the importance of monitoring its achievement against stakeholder expectations and incorporating the feedback into our management decisions so as to ensure the ongoing development of management at Fuji Xerox. For this purpose, we periodically hold Stakeholder Dialogues in which top executives discuss management topics with outside experts, conduct stakeholder satisfaction surveys, and distribute an internal CSR questionnaire to assess progress and identify issues among our affiliates in Japan and overseas.

    Monitoring methods

    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Brand surveys
    • Self-evaluation by suppliers for ethical procurement
    • Dialogue with CSR experts
    • Employee satisfaction survey
    • CSR questionnaire for affiliated companies (PDCA survey)
    • Review of action plan by the CSR CommitteeNote 1
  • Note 1 Renamed to the Compliance & Risk Management Committee in July 2018.

Main CSR Indicators regarding Engagement with Shareholders and Investors