CSR Indicators regarding Engagement with Shareholders and Investors

Major Business Performance

Revenue (consolidated) and Net income before income taxes (consolidated) for fiscal 2017 were 10,478 billion yen and 140 billion yen respectively.

Revenue (consolidated)

Net income before income taxes (consolidated)

Consolidated Revenue by Business Segment (FY2017)

Consolidated Employee Number by Region (FY2017)

  • Note These figures represent the revenue and operating income of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation's "Document Solutions" segment for fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, which is equivalent to Fuji Xerox (consolidated).

Progress in CSR in Engagement with Shareholders and Investors

Field Indicators Companies Fiscal 2015 performance Fiscal 2016 performance Fiscal 2017 performance Descriptions
Major Business Performance Revenue (consolidated) (billion JPY) Fuji Xerox and affiliates 1165.4 1080.9 1047.8  
Net income before income taxes (consolidated) (billion JPY) Fuji Xerox and affiliates 87.9 82.7 14.0  
Revenue by business segmentNote 1 Office Products & Office Printers Fuji Xerox and affiliates Note 1 58.2%  
Solution Services 24.5%  
Production Services 12.5%  
Other 4.8%  
Revenue by region Domestic Fuji Xerox and affiliates 50% 53% 53%  
Overseas 50% 47% 47%  
Ethics and Compliance Number of serious corporate governance and/or compliance issuesNote 2 Fuji Xerox and affiliates 0 1 0 Descriptions
  • Note 1 In fiscal 2017, Fuji Xerox changed the classification of its business segments. The operational results for fiscal 2015 and fiscal 2016 are as follows:
    Results of fiscal 2015: Office Products approx. 42.8%, Office Printers approx. 16.2%, Production Services approx. 13.4%, Global Services approx. 16.6%, Other approx. 11.0%.
    Results of fiscal 2016: Office Products approx. 44.1%, Office Printers approx. 15.1%, Production Services approx. 12.9%, Global Services approx. 17.3%, Other approx. 10.6%.
  • Note 2 Number of corporate governance and/or compliance issues warranting disclosure that emerged during the fiscal year.
  Description of fiscal 2017 performance Goals/challenges
Description In response to the incidents of inappropriate accounting of some transactions in overseas sales subsidiaries, a Fujifilm Group governance enhancement project was established in FY2017. The Project conducted activities to prevent a recurrence of similar incidents, including strengthening the entire Group governance, the accounting practice, auditing and compliance. Fuji Xerox and its affiliated companies inside and outside Japan will continue to strengthen internal control and compliance measures, aiming to achieve “zero” serious incidents on corporate governance and compliance.