Major Activities for Environment in FY 2018

Overview of Our Environmental Impact

Fuji Xerox and its affiliates have been making efforts to grasp material flow for reducing environment burden.

The scope includes Fuji Xerox consolidated. (The scope of chemical substances includes only Japan)

  • Note1 Parts replaced during maintenance and some of the consumable supplies are not included in the resources input data.
  • Note2 Energy input for operating copying machines and printers. Total power consumption (estimate) has been calculated by assuming that machines produced in fiscal 2014 will be in operation for five years.

Address Climate Change

We reduced CO2 emissions in our production and logistics activities through operational improvements, thereby reducing the total life cycle CO2 emissions of our products from 1,197 kt-CO2 to 877 kt-CO2 year on year. We will continuously foster work style innovation across the board to increase our operation efficiency and reduce our CO2 emissions. We will also help customers achieve business growth while also reducing their CO2 emissions by offering solutions and services that support their business reforms and by providing extremely eco-friendly products with energy-saving technology.

Promote Recycling of Resources

At our production and development sites, we continue to reduce the generation of waste per unit of production both in Japan and abroad. We are also improving our production processes and fostering the use of waste as valuables on a continual basis
In response to changes made to our business environment due to the enhancement of waste-related regulations in each country and region, we are optimizing these systems globally while maintaining a high resource recycling rate of 99.8% in Japan.

Ensure Product and Chemical Safety

We worked to reduce the risk of accidents caused by the treatment of chemical substances at our facilities and to appropriately manage and reduce the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and PRTR-regulated substances. We will continue to foster measures to comply with the laws and regulations and reduce the risks posed by chemical substances with regard to our products. We will also enhance risk management to ensure compliance with laws and regulations across the globe.

Sustainable Paper Procurement

Based on the Paper Procurement Regulation Standards, we checked the procurement situation through on-site audits and a committee headed by the management team, thereby achieving the stable paper procurement in a manner that is in harmony with the sustainability of forest resources and the local community.

Major Environmental Awards

The Minister of the Environment’s 2018 Commendation for Global Warming Prevention Activity (for the introduction of advanced anti-global warming technologies)

Fuji Xerox’s next-generation managed print services (MPS) utilizing reconditioned devices won the commendation in recognition of the services’ contribution to protecting the global environment and fostering work style reforms through the optimization of the office printing environment. In this services, we provide customers with the MPS that help them to manage and optimize the operation of output machines such as multifunction devices and printers at their offices in combination with the use of reconditioned devices (made by disassembling, cleaning and repairing used products to restore their quality to be on par with that of new products) (For details, please refer to Topic 1 shown below.)

3Rs Promotion Council President’s Prize at the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) Promotion Merit Awards

In fiscal 1995 Fuji Xerox decided to promote the reuse of resources to achieve close to “zero emissions” as its company-wide policy on product recycling and began the activity to collect, reuse and recycle waste products in Japan. Subsequently we expanded the activity to outside Japan to build a resource recycling system across the Again Pacific region where we operate. We were granted the prize in recognition of this activity conducted across a wide range of areas for many years.


Topic1:Given the Minister of the Environment’s 2018 Commendation for Global Warming Prevention Activity (for the introduction of advanced anti-global warming technologies) for the next-generation managed print services (MPS) utilizing reconditioned devices

The managed print services ("MPS") are a type of document services that manage the customers’ office devices and systems to provide them with various benefits by Fuji Xerox. The benefits include the optimization of the entire printing environment at their office in addition to the optimal layout of individual devices (multifunction devices and printers) and thereby substantially reduce their environmental impact. In the next-generation MPS, “reconditioned devices” made by disassembling, cleaning and repairing used products to restore their quality to be on par with that of new products are utilized to reduce the input of new materials and reduce the use of resources. Over three years from 2015, annual CO2 emissions were reduced by an average of 4,466 t-CO2 at each of a total of 89 corporate groups that had introduced the MPS, and the use of new resources was reduced by about 80% (at Fuji Xerox). The MPS thus contributed to a substantial environmental impact reduction.

Award ceremony

By promoting the adoption of the next-generation MPS, which is combined with the use of reconditioned devices, Fuji Xerox will help customers increase their environmental friendliness at their offices, thereby reducing both their environmental impact and increasing their operational efficiency. For this business model, we won the Minister of the Environment’s 2018 Commendation for Global Warming Prevention Activity in recognition of our proactive adoption of a “RealGreen” technology to provide customers with both high environmental performance and convenience, continuing from the winning of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry’s prize in the business model field at the 2017 Energy Conservation Grand Prize. We will continue to provide a range of products and services to contribute to the promotion of a circular economy and the creation of a decarbonized society.

Topic 2:Starting of the certification program "Green Value Products"

As a new measure to contribute the realization of a sustainable society, the Fujifilm Group introduced a system to certify its products and services as environmentally friendly and meet certain standard as "Green Value Products" in 2018.This certification program adopts assessment criteria for each of the product category which the weight of assessment criteria varies according to products usage and characteristics from the perspective of product lifecycle. At the stage of product development, the environmental value of the product is clarified by an environmentally conscious design assessment in accordance with this criteria and the system certification target is selected based on the overall evaluation score of each item. Candidate products undergo a review and approval process by the company-wide Certification Review Board, and are certified in three ranks (Diamond, Gold and Silver) by the level of contribution to reduction of environmental impact. In order to ensure objectivity, reliability and transparency, the screening process complies with the international standard ISO14021 self-declaration label and incorporates opinions of external experts.

An example certified as "Gold": ApeosPort-VII C5573

Fuji Xerox has been addressing climate change, promoting resource conservation and resource recycling, ensuring the safety of products and chemical substances, biodiversity conservation, etc. throughout the entire value chain from procurement to manufacturing, transportation, use and disposal. Following the introduction of this system in July 2018, we published our products that meet the certification criteria on our website, and opened an English website in response to an increase in inquiries from overseas. In addition, we are working to strengthen the operation of this system for solutions and services. We already finished evaluation of our main services and have published more than ten certified solutions and services on our website. We will continue to use this system to develop and disseminate products and services that aim to reduce environmental impact from the development stage.

Diamond Products and services that use their respective industries'innovative technologies to substantially contribute to reducing environmental impact
Gold Products and services that reduce environmental impact at their respective industries'highest level
Silver Products and services that reduce environmental impact at their respective industries'standard level or greater

Fuji Xerox Environmentally-Conscious Products and Services

Topic3:Making Use of the Certificate of Green Power to Appeal for Climate Change Countermeasures to 50,000 Spectators at the Fuji Xerox Super Cup 2019

As a measure for addressing climate change such as global warming, the use of “green power” is increasingly attracting attention. Green power is generated by using natural energy sources, such as wind, sunlight, hydro, geothermal energy and biomass (biological resources). Since using these energy sources does not create CO2 emissions and the sources are renewable, they are regarded as energy sources with low environmental impact

Publicizing Fuji Xerox's environmental commitment
to more than 50,000 spectators

In February 2019, Fuji Xerox made use of the certificate of green powerNote3 (for wind power generation; issued by Japan Natural Energy Co., Ltd.) at the Fuji Xerox Super Cup 2019, for which the company was a title sponsor, to increase the rate of electricity derived from renewable energy sources to 100% of the electricity used at the venue (about 18,660 kWh, or enough to power one household for 5.6 yearsNote4). Through this new initiative implemented for the first time at the annual event, we appealed for measures against climate change to visitors at the venue. We will continue working to raise people’s interest in the global environment at events and seminars organized and supported by Fuji Xerox, while contributing to the mitigation of climate change by utilizing renewable energy.

  • Note3 A "certificate of green power" is used to trade the environmental value added to electricity generated by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.
  • Note4 Calculated based on the fiscal 2016 data on energy consumption by energy source at households shown in 212-2-7 of the FY2018 Annual Report on Energy, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

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