Energy Conservation Prize

Fuji Xerox wins the "Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director-General's Award" of the Energy Conservation Prize

Winning the Energy Conservation Prize for ten consecutive years

2009 Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Energy Conservation Prize, ECCJ Chairman's Award ApeosPort-III / DocuCentre-III C2200/C3300/C2205/C3305 series and >DocuPrint C2250/C3360

Fuji Xerox's full-color multifunction devices / printers "ApeosPort-III / DocuCentre-III C2200/C3300/C2205/C3305 series and DocuPrint C2250/C3360"Note have won the Director General Prize of Agency of Natural Resources and Energy in the 19th Energy Conservation Grand Prize for 2008 (energy-saving machines and systems category) presented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. This marks the 10th consecutive win for Fuji Xerox products since the company's product was first given the award in 1999. The achievement reflects the company's continuous commitment to developing energy saving products in its wide range of product categories.

  • Note:Not all models shown have received awards

Energy-Saving ,with a Broad Lineup ApeosPort-III/DocuCentre-III C2200/C3300/C2205/C3305惻DocuPrint C2250/C3360

Energy saving focuses

1) Energy-saving controller that supports network communication

Equipped with the newly-developed Power Supply Control ASIC, which enables the network communication function while CPU is powered off, the energy-saving controller has substantially improved energy efficiency, requiring less than 2.0W of power while in the sleep mode. This represents 80% improvement over previous models.

Proprietary Power Supply Control ASICProprietary Power Supply Control ASIC

Comparison of power consumption in the sleep modeComparison of power consumption in the sleep mode

2) LED printhead

The exposure device incorporates the lightweight and high resolution LED printhead, newly developed to replace the conventional laser system. This innovation has reduced power consumption during exposure by 45% from 8.6W under the laser system to just 4.7W. It also weighs only 13% of the conventional exposure device and eliminates noise from the motor.

Conventional exposure device (left) and LED printhead (right) Conventional exposure device (left) and LED printhead (right)

Comparison of power consumption during exposureComparison of power consumption during exposure

3) Use of biomass resin

The award-winning models use a biomass resin material that has attained the "BiomassPla Label" certification (Note 3) for the first time in the industry for its 30% content of plant-derived constituent by weight. This has cut CO2 emission by at least 16% from conventional petroleum-based plastic, based on LCA assessment.

Biomass PlasticBiomass Plastic

[Energy Conservation Prize]
The purpose of the grand prix offered by the Energy Conservation Center is to seek out, identify, and commend consumer energy apparatus, material, and appliances that excel in terms of energy- and resource-saving features, to support the development and promotion thereof, and ultimately, to support efforts to reduce the emission of gases responsible for global warming, such as carbon dioxide, in order to make an energy-saving society a reality. Subject apparatus and systems are selected from among appliances, materials, and system products (consuming energy) already commercially on sale or commercialized following sufficient research and development, purchasable by consumers or entrepreneurs, and demonstrating exceptional energy-saving features. Also taken into account are features such as the degree of innovation, product quality, environmental improvement features and safety-consciousness.

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