Life Cycle Assessment Model for the Integrated Recycling System

In order to achieve our objective of reducing environmental burdens, it is not enough to only implement individual measures for issues such as conserving energy, reducing weight, and preventing pollution.

However, by using the Life Cycle Assessment, it becomes possible to conduct a comprehensive evaluation spanning each stage of production, sales, usage, and recovery. In doing so, improvements can be made to ameliorate the product's environmental impact and individual business activities can be enhanced based on this overall assessment.

In order to develop a recycling-oriented society, our Integrated Recycling System, which considers used products as a resource, must also be evaluated comprehensively for its environmental impact, spanning production, sales, usage, recovery, and recycling.

For products like ours that are used by general customers, a more simple method than a complicated Life Cycle Assessment that can only be evaluated by a specialist is also necessary. Therefore, we developed a Life Cycle Assessment methodNote 1 for use in our Integrated Recycling System in 2005.

  • Note 1 This method was jointly developed with Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

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