Materials Reuse

Until recently, recycling plastic was considered to be too difficult, due to the tendency of the material to deteriorate.

However, through joint development with a plastics manufacturer (UMG ABS), Fuji Xerox became the first in the industry to succeed in recycling plastics. We created a material reusing system where the exterior covers (ABS plastic) of the copy machines recovered from the market are separated, crushed, and cleaned, and used as raw material for creating recycled plastic of the same quality as newly made ABS plastic. This recycled plastic is then used in manufacturing our company's products.

Today, recycled plastic is used in the production of copy machines for parts in the exterior cover, which is where the strictest requirements apply in the appearance quality of recycled plastic.

This recycled plastic is guaranteed to be a level of quality equivalent to newly manufactured ABS plastic (formability, properties, color tone, etc.), and has acquired certification from UL (Underwriter's Laboratories), which is a safety testing institution based in the United States.

Image of Material Recycle Closed-Loop System