Parts Reuse

Previously, recovered used products were processed as waste. Recycling parts back into materials was limited mainly to metals.

There were elements of our operations that were wasteful or that produced a burden on the environment, because we were using new energy in order to turn parts that were still reusable back into materials, or were disposing of resources that could still be used into landfills.

Therefore, starting December 1995, we placed priority on reusing parts from recovered used products during the production process, which would help reduce environmental impact and enable a stable supply of demand.

By reusing parts, we are able to reduce the amount of energy (CO2) that is consumed from the process of procuring parts up to product manufacturing. For each of the reused parts, Fuji Xerox guarantees a "quality equivalent to new parts" based on strict standards, stemming from the concept of providing the same level of quality in copy machines made from reused parts as those made from all new parts.

An equivalent level of quality means that (1) the quality of the external appearance, (2) performance and functions, (3) reliability, and (4) the life of the machine is equivalent to that of all new products. We are also involved in various technological developments in the field of recycling, so that the reused parts can be guaranteed to have the same level of quality as newly made parts.

Production line for reused parts
Image of CO2 reductionsCO2 Reduction

Sorting Technology

AE measurement catches weak signals

There are some parts that are difficult to determine whether they can be reused by conventional measurement methods.

For such parts, ultrasound and other technologies are used to judge whether they can be reused.


Chart of Reduction of new resource inputs in manufacturing process by reusing partsReduction of new resource inputs in manufacturing process by reusing parts

  • Note Amount of new resource inputs avoided through incorporation of reused parts in the manufacturing process at Fuji Xerox and its affiliates.