Basic Environmental Concept

Fuji Xerox gives maximum consideration toward being in harmony with the environment. As such, we are promoting efforts to reduce the environmental burden in each of the processes of purchasing parts, production, sales, and distribution, as well as within the offices of our customers.
Fuji Xerox considers the entire life cycle of the products, from the purchasing of parts to their use by the customers, to be within the scope of our responsibility, and is working toward reducing environmental burden.

Initiatives for our Products and Sites

Major initiatives

Efforts are being made both in our products and our business activities toward three issues: reducing global warming, preserving natural resources, and reducing the risk of chemical substances.

Fuji Xerox is involved in the three areas of reducing global warming, preserving natural resources, and reducing the risk of chemical substances in both our products and our business activities. We are also involved in preserving forest resource environments, and are making efforts to preserve biodiversity by evaluating what effects we have on the ecosystem and ensuring biodiversity on the land being used as our business sites.

Energy-Saving Technologies throughout Our Entire Lineup: Efforts Made in Our Products

Improvement efforts by Fuji Xerox include reducing the energy consumption of the products used by our customers, and we are implementing energy-saving technologies in our full product lineup, including black & white, color, high-speed, and low-speed products. At the same time, we are pursuing efforts to make our products even easier for our customers to use, such as combining top-class energy-saving functions with higher speed, better resolution, and shorter standby time,

Promoting Energy-Saving Activities at All Sites Both In and Outside of Japan: Efforts Made in Our Business Activities

Fuji Xerox aims to manufacture products in a manner that has a low environmental burden through our innovative activities in production. Furthermore, we will promote energy-saving activities not only at our production sites, but also at all of our sites in and outside of Japan, including our sales sites and headquarters.

Efforts to Preserve Natural Resources

Integrated Recycling System: Efforts Made in Our Products

Fuji Xerox considers used products not as waste but as recyclable resources, and therefore developed its Integrated Recycling System (product recycling) in 1995. This has been expanded to the Asia Pacific, including China, and we are advancing efforts to recycle resources at all of our sales areas.

Reducing Waste and Managing our Water Resources: Efforts Made in Our Business Activities

Our production sites and offices are making efforts to reduce waste and to manage our water resources.

Efforts to Reduce Risk of Chemical Substances

Efforts Made with Our Products

In order to be able to respond to international regulations regarding the chemical substances included in our products, we are making effort by developing a company-wide structure spanning development, procurement, and production.

Efforts Made in Our Business Activities

Fuji Xerox conducts strict management of the chemical substances used in the development and production of our products, in both its system and equipment.