At Fuji Xerox

At Fuji Xerox

At Fuji Xerox, we utilize ISO14001, an international standard for an environmental management system, as the foundation for a companywide environmental management. We also promote energy conservation at all of our locations, including sales locations and headquarters, in addition to our production facilities.

At Our Production and Development Facilities

At our production and development facilities, we are proactively engaged in energy conservation, fuel conversion, and introduction of alternative energy resources in order to cut back on CO2 emissions. To properly manage waste disposal and prevent resource depletion, Fuji Xerox promotes zero emission and water resource management. We also put earnest efforts in risk management of chemical substances.

At Our Offices

At our offices, Fuji Xerox promotes energy-saving activities based on ISO14001 measures. We also aim for achievement of zero emission at our headquarters through a resource recycling system for paper among other means. In the future,