Fuel Conversion and Introduction of Alternative Energy/Management of Water Resources

As measures to prevent global warming, Fuji Xerox implements fuel conversion and introduces alternative energies. We also manage water resources in order to prevent resource depletion.

Fuel Conversion from Oil to Natural Gas

In addition to steadily implementing energy-saving activities, in order to further promote reductions in the amount of CO2 emissions, we at Fuji Xerox are actively involved in converting the energy source used mainly at our production sites, from oil (fuel oil, kerosene) to liquid natural gases (LNG) that have smaller amounts of CO2 emissions.

Transitions in Fuel Conversion

Upon progressing with efforts for fuel conversion, we significantly increased the percentage of LNG that make up the entire total of energy sources to 71% in 2005, as compared to 3% in 2001. Based on this, we were able to reduce the overall amount of CO2 emissions from 12.4kt-CO2 to 9.9kt-CO2.

in FY2003-Special A heavy oil 0.7kt-CO2/ Kerosene 7.3kt-CO2/ LNG 3.5kt-CO2/ total 11.5kt-CO2 → in FY2004-Special A heavy oil 0.7kt-CO2/ Kerosene 2.6kt-CO2/ LNG 6.7kt-CO2/ total 10.0kt-CO2 → in FY2005-Special A heavy oil 0.4kt-CO2/ Kerosene 2.5kt-CO2/ LNG 7.0kt-CO2/ total 9.9kt-CO2 → in FY2006-Special A heavy oil 0.4kt-CO2/ Kerosene 2.2kt-CO2/ LNG 6.5kt-CO2/ total 9.1kt-CO2 → in FY2007-Special A heavy oil 0.4kt-CO2/ Kerosene 2.3kt-CO2/ LNG 6.7kt-CO2/ total 9.9kt-CO2

Introduction of Alternative Energy Resources

In addition to energy-saving activities and fuel conversion, we are also making efforts at our production plants to introduce alternative energy that uses natural energy in order to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.

Solar water heater
(China, Shenzhen plant)
Photo of Solar water heaterSolar water heater

Solar photovoltaic
(Ebina Center)
Photo of Solar photovoltaic systemSolar photovoltaic system
Power generation performance:74,000kWh (in FY 2005)

Small hydropower generation
(Iwatsuki Center)
Photo of Small hydropower generatorSmall hydropower generator
Power generation performance:28,000kWh (in FY 2005)

Wind-generated power
(Minami Towada)
Photo of “My Windmill” (Minami Towada)"My Windmill" (Minami Towada)
Power generation performance:1,700,000kWh per year(reference value)

Management of Water Resources

Water is one of the valuable natural resources, and at Fuji Xerox, we are engaged in recycling and reducing the amount of water usage. In the future, to aim for achieving the goal for 2009, which is a target that is consistent throughout the company, we will make efforts to recycle and reduce the water usage.

Transitions in the Amount of Water Usage

Line graph of Transitions in the Amount of Water Usage