108 Items for Energy-Saving Inspection

In order to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions at all of our offices, Fuji Xerox implements an original energy-saving inspection consisting of 108 items at all locations both inside and outside of Japan, for continuous improvements in reducing the amount of emissions while thoroughly carrying out the energy-saving activities that are routinely implemented.

Method for Implementing Energy-Saving Inspections

The flow of Energy-saving inspections;

Clarification of items for energy-saving, concretization as standards that are uniform on a companywide level→Horizontal expansion to each organization, self-assessment at each facility→Tabulation/analysis that is uniform on a companywide level→Sharing of know-how and horizontal expansion of the best practices accumulated at each facility to all facilities→Further improvements in energy-saving activities

Items for Energy-Saving Inspection

Energy-saving inspections are composed of a total of 108 items, of which 36 are items that are common for offices and production sites, and 72 are only for production sites. Detailed inspections are made on actual methods, including items such as "Is a energy-saving patrol implemented?" "Are there any discrepancies in the temperature distribution of air conditioners in offices?" and "Do you accelerate slowly when driving the company car?"

Check Sheet for the 108 Items

Check Sheet for 108 Items

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