Environmental Education at Fuji Xerox

Environmental Education Policy

Raising the environmental awareness of each person is important for the achievement of a sustainable society. Fuji Xerox is implementing various educational programs to develop employees with a high level of environmental awareness and assist society at large in creating a situation that encourages voluntary environmental conversation activities.

Education Centered on Lectures

Fuji Xerox is implementing various educational programs to develop employees with a high level of environmental awareness and assist society at large in creating a situation that encourage voluntary environmental conservation activities.
Our environmental education programs target all employees, and are designed for different divisions. Our basic environmental education program provides basic environmental knowledge (on social trends associated with environmental issues, environmental management at Fuji Xerox, examples of the company's environmental initiatives through our products and business activities, measures for reduction of environmental impact in the business activities of each function etc.) via e-learning. Basic education for new employees includes coursework on the environment. We also offer several specialized environmental programs tailored to particular job functions, including technical, sales, and service engineer jobs.
In addition, we conduct e-learning courses on environmental management and environment-related laws as part of our compliance education.
Through the basic environmental education program, the company also began urging employees to participate in the environmental fieldwork education program.

In FY2007, in order to review the environmental education structure, we started interviews on the current situation of environmental education structure with the departments concerned. In addition, a basic environmental education program was produced and will be rolled out to overseas employees in Fuji Xerox 2008 in five languages (English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, and Thai).

We are going to enrich our specialized environmental education tailored for each job function and reorganize the structure a system so that employees can more smoothly learn in the programs, based on the interview results while we continue to identity the current situation of the education programs.

Environmental Education Structure

Education Through Fieldwork

Fuji Xerox is augmenting fieldwork based educational programs that provide employees with hands-on experience in environmental conservation activities.
We believe that offering employees the opportunity to participate in and experience environmental conservation activities first-hand is the most effective way to encourage them to see environmental issues as something that affects them personally and proactively work on initiatives to address these issues.s Specifically, with the aim of making environmental conservation a part of employees' daily activities, we participate in and assist programs, such as the energy-saving campaigns that involve employees' family members, and environmental education for children, such as the Kids' ISO Program
In order to allow employees to participate in and support actual environmental conservation activities, we are also working to train nature observation instructors.
In the future, we will continue to encourage the participation of more employees, particularly for community-based activities, thereby raising their environmental awareness and fulfilling Fuji Xerox's social responsibility.

Leafx (Love Earth Action Fuji Xerox)

This program promotes awareness-raising and hands-on efforts in the areas of global environment and society by providing all employees, including those at affiliates in Japan and around the world, to participate in environmental-conservation and social-contribution activities at work, in their communities, and at home.