Environmental Management framework

Fuji Xerox has acquired ISO14001 certification at all of its locations both within and outside of Japan, and is progressing with environmental management.

Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification at All Locations Both Within and Outside of Japan

Fuji Xerox has acquired ISO14001 certification, which is an international standard for environmental management, at all of our locations within and outside of Japan (including affiliated companies and sales companies). Regardless of whether the location is inside or outside of Japan, while spreading the importance of environmental management throughout the entire company by having acquired certification at all of our locations, we promote efficiency of daily environmental management, both in production and non-production departments.

Expansion of Environmental Management to All Locations

=Photo of Workshop for environmental representativesWorkshop for environmental representatives

In order to commonize the infrastructure for environmental management through acquiring ISO14001 certification, and at the same time, plan for measures to expand policies and related legislation to all of our locations, Fuji Xerox regularly organizes liaison meetings for each department, production and non-production, at both domestic and foreign locations.

Workshops that draw together representatives from foreign bases are held once per half-year period, and in addition to reviews and policies, best practices are actively shared.

Goals for the Future

Fuji Xerox has already accomplished in acquiring certification at all of our sales company offices, but in the future, we will aim for further deepening of and efficiency in our approaches, with the goal of acquiring an overall "integrated authentication" for our sales company offices.

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