Risk Management of Chemical Substances

Fuji Xerox uses various chemical substances in the development and manufacturing process for products. To reduce the risk of these chemical substances polluting the environment to as small as possible, we are making efforts for thorough management from the aspects of both a mechanism and facilities related to the chemical substances used.

Reductions in the Amount of Chemical Substance Emissions

At our production sites both in Japan and abroad, we reduce emissions of chemical substances specified in the PRTR Law into the atmosphere by 40% by the year 2010 as compared to 2000, and at the same time, to reduce VOCs other than the specified chemical substances by 30%.

Thorough Auditing of and Creating a Structure for Risk Management

Based on the "Rules for Management of Chemical Substances" that was formulated on 2003, uniform management, extending from management of safety evaluations of chemical substances to management of wastes, was established, and we are also creating a structure for risk management of chemical substances. In addition, we have established "Detailed Regulations on Audits Regarding Chemical Substances" and have been conducting audits since 2004.

Reductions in Risks of Environmental Pollution

To reduce the risks of environmental pollution resulting from chemical substances, Fuji Xerox is progressing with efforts to duplex reserve and storage facilities for chemical substances, which located at our production plants, or to make such facilities be located aboveground.

Photo of Creating waste oil pits abovegroundCreating waste oil pits aboveground

Photo of Duplexing of piping for underground kerosene tankDuplexing of piping for underground kerosene tank