Fuji Xerox and Perlman Recital

FUJI XEROX Presents Itzhak Perlman Violin Recital Japan Tour 2017

Music is a universal means of communication that moves the hearts of people, transcending national borders, cultures, and languages.

Believing in the power of music, Fuji Xerox has long supported a wide range of musical activities, including concerts by top-class artists, development of young musicians, and spreading of musical activities from Japan and Asia across the world.

It is our hope that people from different nationalities and cultures share inspiration and enrich their communications through music. Consequently, countries and people around the globe will strengthen their trust in each other and develop and expand their diverse cultures.

Based upon these ideas, Fuji Xerox has been sponsoring the Japan tour of the world-renowned violist, Itzhak Perlman since 1987.

We hope you will enjoy the fascinating performance of Mr. Perlman in the upcoming Japan tour.