Fuji Xerox Releases 12 Digital Multifunction
Devices/Printers for Offices and Printing Market

Employing New Print Technology and Industry-First
Environmental Technology in Five Models for Offices

TOKYO, November 20, 2007 ? Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has developed 12 new machines set for market releaseNote 1 starting sequentially from November 21, 2007: six full-color digital multifunction devices (ApeosPort-III C4400, DocuCentre-III C4400, ApeosPort-III C3300/C2200, DocuCentre-III C3300/C2200), three monochrome digital multifunction devices (DocuCentre-III 3000/2000, 4112) and one color page printer (DocuPrint C2250) for offices, as well as two monochrome publishing systems (4112 Light Publisher, 4127 Light Publisher) for the printer market.

Five machines for the office market (ApeosPort-III C3300/C2200, DocuCentre-III C3300/C2200, and DocuPrint C2250) are equipped with new print technology featuring an LED (light-emitting diode) system for high-resolution, high-quality images, as well as two industry-first environmental technologies.

These five models won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize in the Eco Products Category at the 4th Eco Products Awards (announced by the Executive Office of the Eco Products Awards Promotion Council on November 15, 2007).

LED printhead system for high-resolution, high-quality images
Instead of traditional laser systems, the above-mentioned machines incorporate a newly developed LED printhead that uses LED as a light source to write images on the photoreceptor drum. Fuji Xerox has resolved the issue of unbalanced image quality caused by disparity amount of light in traditional LED systems, realizing high image quality of 1,200 x 2,400 dpi, which is equivalent to or better than laser systems.
Due to the absence of a motor or other apparatus to rotate the polygon mirror or mirror, the LED printhead is compact (about 1/40 that of laser systems in terms of volume ratio), which enables multifunction devices to incorporate finishers such as a stapler.

Enhanced environmental performance with lead-free shafts and biomass plastic
Industry-first environmental technologies include: (1) shafts that do not contain lead, a designated hazardous substance, in parts for the output unit, including paper feeder; and (2) a biomass plastic that comprises more than 30 percent of plant-derived constituent by weight in the moving part of the machine (drum cover).
In addition, an energy-saving controller, high-efficient lamp and temperature-controlling technology reduce power consumption in sleep mode from below 10W (conventional machines) to below 1.5WNote 2. In terms of Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC)Note 3, a standard adopted by the International Energy Star Program, power consumption is cut to 1.78kWh a weekNote 4, or around one quarter that of conventional machinesNote 5. They are also quiet at 20dBNote 6 in standby mode and 47dBNote 6&7 during operation, equivalent to low-noise monochrome machines.
Further, the ApeosPort-III C3300/C2200 and DocuCentre-III C3300/C2200 boast universal design, incorporating light and easy-to-use drawers, as well as document scanning and output units that can be installed separately.

Enhanced functions to comprehensively manage document environment
All of the machines for release have common software boasting enhanced document management and security features, which allows greater security in multifunction devices and printers at an equivalent level. Coupled with this, functions to manage, tabulate and operate outputs facilitate total management of the office document environment, contributing to lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
For example, simply holding an IC card over the card reader enables user authentication, without which, document output becomes impossible. This authentication systemNote 8 makes it less likely for users to leave their document at a multifunction device or walk away with the wrong document. Users can also manage print history for both multifunction device and printer on a single card, helping to create an easy-to-use and secure printing environment.
The 4112 Light Publisher and 4127 Light Publisher have strengthned competitiveness of Fuji Xerox’s lineup for the printing market . The upper model, 4127 Light Publisher realizes high-speed, high-volume output with copy and print speed of 125ppm (A4 long-edge feed). These models include security features on a par with multifunction devices for the office market, while achieving high productivity.

Note 1 Sales of 4112 Light Publisher and 4127 Light Publisher will commence on December 4, 2007.
Note 2 For DC models. Power consumption of PFS models is below 2W. Also the DocuPrint C2250 achieves below 1.5W compared with below 5W for previous models.
Note 3 Estimation of standard amount of power consumed in a week.
Note 4 For 25ppm machines. The figure is 2.45kWh/week for 35ppm machines. For fax-equipped machines, the rate is 1.78kWh/week for 25ppm machines and 2.56kWh/week for 35ppm machines. DocuPrint C2250 achieves 1.63kWh/week.
Note 5 For ApeosPort-II C3300/C2200 and DocuCentre II C3300 / C2200.
Note 6 For ApeosPort-III C3300/C2200 and DocuCentre-III C3300/C2200.
Note 7 For 25ppm machines. The level is 50dB for 35ppm machines (sound pressure level according to ISO7779).
Note 8 Optional (IC Card Gate 2 or IC Card Gate 2 for FeliCa is required).

Availability: Currently only in Japan