Request to upgrade controller firmware for DocuPrint CP505 d/CP555 d and DocuPrint P505 d/P508 d

August 1, 2018

For our customer,

Regarding the request in the title, it is found Tap to Print feature does not work as specification for the below products which have been on sale since May 7 2018.

We are afraid the feature defect happens right after field installation starts and would like to ask for actions.

Target products

  • DocuPrint P505 d
  • DocuPrint P508 d
  • DocuPrint CP505 d
  • DocuPrint CP555 d

Summary of defect

【Happening defect】

Tap to Print is unavailable because of failing to launch Print Utility for Android or failing to lead to the download page of Play Store even if swiping Android OS smart phone which supports NFC to the devices.

【Contents of fix】

Upgrade device firmware and fix the defect as Tap to Print works correctly

Release of fixed firmware

Please refer to your Country/Region because a fixed firmware is ready.