Fuji Xerox Digital Multifunction Devices Entered
Chinese Government’s Green Procurement List

Listed for Two Consecutive Years Being Appraised for the Products’ Environmental Protection Capabilities

June 25, 2008

TOKYO, June 25, 2008 — Fuji Xerox China Ltd., Fuji Xerox’s affiliate in China, won the “Green Procurement Award,” which allows its products to be listed in Chinese government’s procurement list, for the products’ high performance, environmental protection capabilities as well as comprehensive post-sales services. Ministry of Environment Protection of China (MEP) announced the award on June 10.

Together with Ministry of Finance of China, MEP promotes the Green Procurement Program, which started in 2006 and makes it mandatory for all government agencies to buy products certified as eco-conscious and energy saving. The China Environmental Certification Center (CEC) of MEP sets certain standardsNote 1 that products need to meet to be entered in the government’s green procurement list in terms of energy consumption, noise, pollution emission, product and recycle design as well as hazardous material. This is the second year that Fuji Xerox China won the award, and six digital multifunction devicesNote 2 including ApeosPort-II 7000/6000 reached prescribed levels and got certified this year.

Fuji Xerox strives to provide products that are safe and environment-friendly, based on its “Ecology and Safety Vision” formulated in 1999. Going forward, Fuji Xerox continues to develop new technologies and products that make a contribution to customers, society and the environment protection.

Note 1
In case of multifunction devices, depending on the device’s print speed, CEC sets the maximum value of power consumption (ex. It has to be below 30W for a 20-30ppm device in standby mode.) as well as noise level (ex. It has to be below 67dB(A) for a 14-24ppm device.), and so on.
Note 2
The certified devices include ApeosPort-II 7000/6000, DocuCentre-II 7000/6000 and DocuCentre 1085/1055.

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